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landscape-structures-inc Landscape Structure new products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors and providing an opportunity to make playgrounds truly inclusive and fun for kids of abilities. Choose from a variety of nature-inspired designs, natural or net climbers, sensory play products and more that make every day a fun day! Landscape Structures is committed to providing a higher level of inclusive play, which means it is creating playground equipment and play environments where all children and thier families can play together regardless of their abilities. Here are some of the most exciting new products.


TopsyTurny Spinner, Collaborative Play in Action!

topsyturny02_320 The TopsyTurny Spinner provides a fun way for kids to gain the valuable spinning motion they need for healthy development and growth. It accommodates a large number of kids on the platform, between cables, and on the ground so that friends can play together. Spinning fast or casually rotating, the TopsyTurny Spinner is a great independent play component addition to any playground intended for 5-12 year olds..



• Large, black GripX-textured deck provides excellent slip resistance while allowing multiple children to play on it at once.
• Eight polyester-wrapped, steel-reinforced cables provide reliably strong handholds; available in black or red
• The spinner top and base made from durable, UV-stable rotomolded polyethylene in your choice of color
• The Center post available in any ProShield® color

See a video of this in action and learn more about the TopsyTurney Spinner from the Landscape Structures website

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Action Packed, Modern Design, Small Footprint and Thoughtful Use of Materials Make Smart Play: Cube an Easy Choice

smartplaycube5_240 Plenty of activities means plenty of fun on Smart Play: Cube 2-5! While this playstructure welcomes 2- to 5-year-olds for play, we recognize that there are huge developmental differences between 2-year-olds and 5-year-olds. That’s why we designed Smart Play: Cube to specifically meet the needs of kids ages 2 to 3.

Smart Play: Cube 2-5 has a unique look, bringing a modernistic feel to your play space. Its compact footprint will fit into tight spaces, and the affordable price will fit tight budgets. Even more, Smart Play: Cube 2-5 is manufactured in a smart way, using recycled Permalene® and making the best possible use of materials. Cut-outs from the panels are used to create activity components found elsewhere within the playstructure.
Designing your own Smart Play: Cube 2-5 is quick and easy. With one model and one price, all you have to do is choose your colors. And we made that choice easy with our recommended color palettes.

With Smart Play: Cube 2-5, kids get plenty of developmentally appropriate challenges within
14 interactive play events:


  1. Steel Drum: Kids drum to their own beat with this fun new drum panel.
  2. Nesting Puzzle: Moveable puzzle pieces that nest together create engagement among kids.
  3. Slotted Puzzle: Puzzle pieces that fit over a tab develop critical thinking skills.
  4. Puzzle Panel: Kids can arrange the puzzle panel pieces to make various designs.
  5. Manipulative Arrow Panel: By rotating and sliding different shapes, kids are rewarded with a ringing bell.
  6. Slide: A kid favorite that develops balance and coordination as well as motor planning skills.
  7. Table Panel (underneath deck): Kids will have fun, learn to cooperate, and play games and make-believe all while developing their social and emotional skills.
  8. Activity Table with Bench: Kids engage in interactive and collaborative play as they take on the various activities.
  9. Mirror Panel: Encourage social imaginative play, and allow kids to watch themselves and make funny faces with a friend on the other side!
  10. Magnet Stack: Kids can explore the force of magnetism by bouncing these magnets against each other.
  11. Arch Climber: Kids will develop coordination and learn to climb safely to the top of the playstructure.
  12. Ladder Rail Disks: This interactive play activity develops hand-eye coordination.
  13. Steering Wheel: Kids will cruise along and experience the thrill of driving while stimulating their imagination (not shown).
  14. Crawl-through Panel: This exciting crawl-through activity helps develop kids’ visual and spatial processing skills and provides a gateway to the fun.

SmartPlayCube3_240 SmartPlayCube1_240 SmartPlayCube2_240

Check out a video of Smart Play: Cube.

What else is new from Landscape Structures?

Smart Play: Cube 2-5 Highlights
Minimum area required:
21’7″ x 22’1″
Maximum fall height: 33″
• Compact structure that includes 14 activities
• Five GripX textured decks
• Built-in shade
• Cut-outs in panels create shadow play on decks
• Accessible
• ADA compliant
• Choice of one color each for Permalene, posts, and slide
• Direct Bury or Surface Mount


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Rock Climbing Reaches New Heights with The Canyon Collection!

Rocks are no longer a stand-alone product off to the side of the playground. The Canyon Collection™ integrates with PlayBooster® playstructures to deliver a continuous play experience that’s both physical and imaginative.

LSICanyonTheDenRock240 There are four rocks, each of which attaches to posts in a specific configuration around the new Canyon Deck. The rocks, with play elements on both the outside and inside, can also be attached as individual pieces around standard decks creating true-to-life rock-climbing experience.

THE ASCENT™ ROCK Though the smallest of the collection, the Ascent Rock provides a challenging vertical climb with plenty of built-in hand- and foot-holds.

THE BEND™ ROCK Curving at a 90-degree angle, the Bend Rock presents two sides of climbing on the outside and an opening to allow access to the inside plus clear sightlines for caregivers.

THE CHIMNEY™ ROCK The tallest piece in the collection, the Chimney Rock offers climbing opportunities on the outside and inside faces so kids can climb out of the cave and over the top or onto the deck.

LSICanyonTheChimneyRock240 THE DEN™ ROCK Wrapping around the Canyon or Hexagon Decks at 120-degrees, the Den Rock delivers multiple climbing challenges and two openings to an inside hideaway. The lower height of the rock accommodates bridges coming off the structure.

In addition to climbing opportunities, each rock includes unique features like critters, fossil imprints and stalactites to kindle the spirit of adventure.

With these new nature-inspired Landscape Structures playground components, kids ages 5 to 12 can practice their mountain climbing skills, and achieve new heights with their peers. Challenging children’s physical fitness and imaginations, the Canyon Collection™ integrates with a PlayBooster®. Because the 4 separate rock panels are molded from actual rock formations, kids get a true-to-life rock-climbing experience. They can be climbed both inside and out! And if one or more of the Canyon Collection Nets are added, users receive even more age-appropriate challenging experience. Use one or more panels to create a life-like climbing events and multiple climbing experiences. Check out this awesome Canyon Collection video of children playing on them and how and why these products were created.

Learn more about The Canyon Collection on The Landscape Strutures website.  Learn about other NEW LANDSCAPE STRUCTURES PRODUCTS recently released.

LSICanyonTheBendRock240 LSICanyonClimbInside240 LSICanyonADA240

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Smart Design, Smart use of Materials, Smart Playstructure

SmartPlay-view5_480 Scaled just right for developing toddlers and pre-schoolers, this accessible structure packs a lot of play into its compact size. The super-cool winding track lets the littel ones send balls or thier own toy cars from one side around to the other. Use the shoot and rotating shapes to move sand from one location to another. Kids can clamber up the climbers, through the inclined tunnel and amoung the uniquely patterned decks, or settle into the cozy corner complete with table top for pretend play. Along the way there are cut-out shapes to peek through, bongos and rind-a-bells to play, and a geometric shape and fit games. Children, parents and teachers will have lots to explore.

Smart in so many ways, Smart Play: Motion delivers plenty of deveolpmental challenges along with efficient use of materials. Choose your three favorite Permalene colors for the side panels and roof tops–cutout from those panels are then used to create table tops, seats and various activity panels.

16 Smart Play: Motion Activities included. Scroll down further to see all 16.

Use Zone: 23’11” x 23′ 2″
Maximum Fall Height: 32″
For Ages 2 to 5, but most appropriate for 2 and 3 year olds.

Call General Recreation at 800-726-4793 for more information and pricing on this design.


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GeoNetrix-Main-View_640 GeoNetrix, for children ages 5-12, is a dimensional playstructure system inspired by net climbing and ropes courses. Working within the popular PlayBooster system, GeoNetrix adds a new dimension to any playground. You can create a circuit design utilizing dymanic nets and modern towers all connetced with creative and fun new climbing and bridging events. The matrixed climbing experience encourages kids to find new ways to traverse the structure, with an unlimited number of possible unique routes. These great new play components can be combined with the PlayBooster components to provide all the desired activities you could imagine in a playstructure.

Dynamic nets. Contemporary towers. Challenging circuit play. That’s what kids get when they play on Landscape Structures’ newest playground creation. GeoNetrix mixes art and play to create a creative dimensional play experience for children ages 5 to 12. Debuting at the 2013 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo in Boston, GeoNetrix was voted “Best Visual Appeal.”

GeoNetrix-Reverse-View_640 Landscape Structures designers’ goal when conceptualizing GeoNetrix was to create an iconic playstructure using unique materials. It doesn’t look like a traditional playground. The lines and angles are cohesive, with one arc feeding into another arc creating a continuous flow of play. Colored translucent polycarbonate roofs cast vibrant color to the ground. Non-rigid components and compact footprint provide a light design that can be modified to fit into any overall park plan.

In addition, GeoNetrix offers kids a “choose your own adventure” experience. At first kids will stay low to the ground on more secure cables, and when they’ve mastered those, there is opportunity to graduate to new challenges by climbing higher and engaging new muscles. This net phenomenon stretches kids’ imaginations, while providing a total body workout.

Add a new dimension to your playground with GeoNetrix where dynamic nets connect to contemporary towers, creating a circuit of big-time fun.

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With ZipKrooz, I Can Fly!


ZipKrooz™ is unique because it offers a continuous play experience, unlike other playground zip lines. With ZipKrooz, kids can fly back and forth, from one end to the other, and enjoy nonstop zooming action. Kids will enjoy a more controlled ride for smoother cruising, without ever jolting or stopping mid-glide. Built-in elevation helps riders gain momentum at the beginning, then slow down at the end. With its unique 4-wheel trolley system and comfortable seats, ZipKrooz is engineered for exceptional quality, comfort and safety. Choose from three lengths of ZipKrooz—or install all three for a graduated experience. Add additional bays, and kids can ride alongside each other as they cruise the ZipKrooz.

IP-ZipKroozAssistedBucket_screen_480 ZipKrooz™ Assisted is the only playground zip line that offers the thrilling feel of flying to all kids. The rotationally molded bucket seat with a lock-in-place harness provides stability and security for kids with limited upper- or lower-body strength. Pair it with ZipKrooz additional bays to ensure a truly inclusive play experience where kids of all abilities can play side by side.

Start zipping with ZipKrooz™ then add one or more additional bays for double or even triple the fun! With three lengths of track available, ZipKrooz can accommodate a smaller playground size or extend the experience further. A decorative and functional track fin adds flair while discouraging kids from accessing the top.

PI_Pg19OutlinedGirl_screen ipKrooz™
Kids can soar on the playground while they build critical skills like balance, coordination, core strength and cooperative play.
• Sufficient upper-body strength and coordination required
• 2-way ride
• Easy glide trolley
• Built-in ele• Meets ASTM and CSA standards; EN option available
• For ages 5 to 12
• Additional bats can be addded for side by side fun

IP-ZipKrooz_screen_480 ZipKrooz™ Assisted
Now all kids can participate in cooperative play, stimulate their proprioceptive and vestibular senses and—most importantly—experience the feeling of soaring through
the sky.
• Rotationally molded bucket seat with lock-in-place harness provides stability and security for kids with limited upper- or lower-body strength
• 2-way ride
• Easy glide trolley
• Built-in elevation; can be installed on level ground with no embankments needed• Track available in three lengths: 34′, 50′ and 66′
• Meets ASTM and CSA standards
• For ages 5 to 12
• Additional Bays can be added for side by side fun

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Fresh twists on a playground classic

We all remember the classic stainless steel slides from our childhood. This playground favorite gets a fresh look with our new selection of configurations along with the durability and dependability we’re known for. Kids will love skimming the spirals, riding the waves and plunging down the submarine chutes. Each slide provides a thrilling, safe ride—a sure bet for any playground.

The new one piece weldment slide bedays are an outstanding choice for durability safety. They will hold up in any climate and to the most extreme attempts at vanadism. The complete re-design and introduction of these slides includes no joints in the bedways, higher side walls on the single, double and wave slides and safer exits on the tunnels and submarine slides.

Spiral Stainless Steel Slide

The open-bedway Spiral Stainless Steel Slide provides a smooth, twisty way down in a compact space.

  • This 80”-high slide includes a step up and transition platform from a 72” deck.
Sub Stainless Steel Slide

The Sub Stainless Steel Slide is an eye catcher. Its bold design features a partially enclosed, tubular bedway that opens up into an open air ride at the end. Its massive height and a built-in curve on the way down make it beautiful and fun all in one!

PI_Pg17SubStainless_480 Features:

  • 96” deck height
  • Slide is made of .098 (2.50 mm) thick AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Curve right configuration only
Double Stainless Steel Slide

The Double Stainless Steel Slide is a playground favorite that kids love. Fun for solo or collaborative sliding. The stainless steel bedway does not emit a static charge, so it’s a good choice for kids with cochlear implants.

  • Double bedway
  • Attaches to 32″ to 72″ deck heights
  • 16-gauge stainless steel bedway with 6″ sidewalls
  • Optional integrated SteelX® slide hood design
Tube Stainless Steel Slide

This straight, tubular stainless steel slide provides a bold, smooth way down from the popular PlayBooster® 72” deck. Its sleek styling adds a contemporary flare to the playground.


  • Attaches to 72” deck height
  • Slide is made of .098 (2,50 mm) thick AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Direct bury only
Wave Stainless Steel Slide

The PlayBooster® Wave Stainless Steel Slide offers a fast, thrilling ride that kids love. The stainless steel bedway does not emit a static charge, so it’s a good choice for kids with cochlear implants.

  • Attaches to 64″ and 72″ deck heights
  • 16-gauge stainless steel bedway with 6″ sidewalls
  • Optioonal integrated SteelX® slide hood with sit-down handbar for safety
Straight Stainless Steel Slide

The Straight Stainless Steel Slide lets kids go sliding two by two! The stainless steel bedway does not emit a static charge, so it’s a good choice for kids with cochlear implants.

  • Attaches to 32″ to 72″ deck heights
  • 16-gauge stainless steel bedway with 6″ sidewalls
  • Durable rotationally molded polyethylene with built-in crossbar helps safely transition kids to a sitting position. Optional intergrated Steel-X slide hood.
Tower Sub Stainless Steel Slide

Made especially for the 12’ and 10′ PlayOdyssey Tower, this Sub Stainless Steel Slide is an eye catcher. Its bold design features a partially enclosed, tubular bedway that opens up into an open air ride at the end. Its massive height and a built-in curve on the way down make it beautiful and fun all in one!

  • Attaches to 120″ or 144” deck height
  • Partially enclosed tube
  • Slide is made of .098 (2.50 mm) thick AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Curve right configuration only

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NetPlex from Landscape Structures allows kids to venture beyond their expected boundaries, into a maze of flexible platforms and climbing webs where there’s no designated way to play. They can fabricate their own play paths through a complex of multiple net levels. They will climb to the top, swing from cable to cable, rest or socialize on one of the flexible landings, or climb to the next exciting event. Connect all kinds of fun play components like spinning events, overhead challenges, climbers, slides, and connecting bridges to make sure kids get a variety of challenging experiences as well as healthy development. NetPlex helps kids develop their confidence and their core muscles. LSI_Netplex_14_post_320

LSI_Netplex_clamp_480 NetPlex can be configured within the PlayBooster® playsystem: choose between a 7-post or a 14-post main structure (with optional Vibe® roofs) and 2 different central climbers and can connect to compatible and popular PlayBooster® components.

-Patent-pending clamping system allows unique cable angles
-Constructed with durable and vandal resistant steel-reinforced cables
-The Rubber belting material is latex free
-Each mainstructure includes decorative post-toppers, unless you chose to add Vibe® roofs
-8’ critical fall height meets all the safety standards

See more about NetPlex on Landscape Structures website.


LSI_Netplex_photo_2_480 LSI_nexplex_climber_480 LSI_netplex_photo_480

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More and more communities are recognizing the importance of accessible, inclusive play for children of all abilities and are putting this awareness into action. The fall 2015 opening of a state-of-the-art community and recreation center in Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania included a vibrant, inclusive playground. General Recreation worked with Christopher Green, Senior Landscape Architect at Gilmore
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Click on the Rhapsody video to learn more about how these outdoor musical instruments have been designed and the materials used to fabricate them.  Find out about the features built into them and why.

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