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Leaders in new product development, General Recreation represents the most innovative park, recreation and playground equipment companies in the world. Here we showcase our latest new product introductions.

new productsFrom Landscape Structures we feature the following new products:

Smart Play: Nook

A fantastic new product for the 6 months to 23 month olds. The colorful and whimsical play house and 20 included activities are sure to capture the young one’s attention. A balance rail along the white picket fence encourages early standing and walking. Whether they’re playing inside the house or outside, the intentional sight lines allow caregivers to keep an eye on all the activity.


Smart Play®: Loft

The new Smart Play: Loft is for the 2-5 year age group. This creative play house has 20 complete activities that encourage language-rich interactions which support children’s early brain and language development. Compact, with built in shade, accessible, ADA compliant, and a popular hit with this age group.



Add panache to any playground with new GeoPlex™ climbing panels. These modular panels can be transformed into a variety of climbers, towers, and post and deck attachments for PlayBooster™ playstructures or as freestanding play activities. Built in hand and foot holds accommodate lots of activity seeking children. Strategically placed placed openings provide excellent sight lines.


Exciting New Slides

Landscape Structures has added a host of new sliding events. The new 8′ high Double Swoosh Slide which can attached to NetPlex™ Structures or PlayBooster™ Play Structures. Also, the new 10′ and 12′ tower WhooshWinder Slides, add curvy fun spiral slides from higher heights. While the PlayBooster WhooshWinder slide adds open spiral sliding from 6′ or 8′ high decks.


Global Motion

Two levels of rotating fun, kids of all abilities will appreciate this multi-user, inclusive playground piece. Landscape Structures new Global Motion™ brings it all together. This unique freestanding rotating climber offers plenty of fun activities; climbing, turning, gathering, socializing and running; while requiring a team effort to keep it all spinning.


Smart Play®: Venti™

20 play events packed into this structure, maximizing the use of space without maximizing the budget.  The play structure surrounds a large cargo net that connects multiple play events and allows access via transfer on one side. The variety and types of play events are well thought out and carefully integrated into the design.


Rhapsody™ Outdoor Musical Instruments

These all-ages, fully accessible and interactive instruments produce exceptional sound quality. This superior collection of chimes, metallophones and drums welcomes polished musicians and beginners as well to explore the power of rhythm, experience the subtle shifts in tone and discover the many ways sounds can creatively be combined.


Aquatix™ by Landscape Structures

New designs on water. New and thoughtful aquatic play products provide a unique level of interaction.  Bigger water features, modern and classic designs, age appropriate activities, themes and customization, lighting and sequencing, safe and accessible. Systems are available with complete mechanical/recirculating systems or one-pass, drain away systems.


More New Products

DuMor logoFrom DuMor, Inc. we feature the following new products:

DuMor Model 484 Table with 483 Chairs

The new product model 484 Table is a great addition to the 483 Chairs. These steel framed tables are available with a steel table surface or optional recycled plastic table tops.

DuMor Model 286 and 287 Receptacles

The new 286 and 287 steel receptacles allow for various top options. Both 32 gallon units allow for multiple types of materials; trash, recycled bottles and cans, and mixed recycling.

DuMor Model 500 and 501 Benches

The new product model 500 and 501 benches offer a contemporary style with recycled plastic or wood slats. Model 500 with back, Model 501 without back.

DuMor Model 502 Receptacle

As the matching receptacle to the 500 and 501 bench, this side door opening receptacle is available as a top or side deposit unit. Slates are recycled plastic, Ipe, or douglas fir.

DuMor Model 493, 494 and 495 Benches

This classic style bench with detailed aluminum end castings and steel straps is available with back, without back and without back with arm rests.

DuMor Model 496 Bench

The new product 496 bench utilizes the same classic aluminum end castings as the 493 bench, but incorporates a unique decorative steel seating surface.

DuMor Model 490, 491 and 492 Benches

The new product model 490, 491 and 492 are all available with multiple slat materials. The classic aluminum casting is timeless.

DuMor Model 291 and 293 Bike Racks

DuMor adds two new product style bike racks to their line up of high end durable bike parking site furnishings.

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