Playground Equipment Products

General Recreation has a large catalog of products that can fit any vision for any public space. Despite the diversity of the product offerings, General Recreation delivers each product with the same quality that is the foundation for our company.

  • Playgrounds


    As your local representative for Landscape Structures, General Recreation is able assist in the design and provide unique play areas customized to your facility’s needs. With a broad product line of choices, we can meet the needs for the largest park projects or the smallest neighborhood playgrounds. Look to Landscape Structures, the playground industry’s most respected manufacturer for unique playground equipment solutions.

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  • Safety Surfacing


    Representing numerous playground safety surfacing manufacturers, General Recreation has the materials needed for any type of surfacing project. Whether you require poured-in-place rubber, rubber tiles, loose fill rubber mulch, synthetic turf, or engineered wood fiber safety surfacing; we are able to provide a variety of solutions to meet any budget.

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  • Aquatic Playgrounds


    With products from ARC-Aquatic Recreation Comapny, General Recreation can provide a recreational area designed specifically for interactive water play. Unlike swimming, wading, or paddling pools, aquatic playgrounds have no standing water. Aquatic Playgrounds improve public space and provide an ideal setting for family recreation.

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  • Site Furnishing


    Representing a number of manufacturers of quality site furnishings, General Recreation can provide benches, tables, receptacles, bike racks, planters and more available in any variety of durable materials. Made from recycled plastic, steel, aluminum, wood and coated steel; we have all the options.

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  • Pavilions, Shelters, Gazebos and More

    Veterans Park, NJ-3

    Poligon has been making pavilion structures since 1964. They assist in creating solutions and then manufacture them to be built on site. The manufacturing, design, drafting and sales teams create the the industries best structures. At Poligon, the entire organization is focused on building the most beautiful and functional structures available on the market.

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  • Outdoor Musical Play


    Imagine stepping up to an instrument you have never played before and being able to make beautiful, rhythmic and melodic music right away. Now imagine the same experience while playing together with others on several different instruments; all without musical training or direction of any kind. Freenotes are unique outdoor instruments that are easy to play and offer interactive fun for everyone.

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  • Skate Parks


    Skatewave, part of the Landscape Structures family, is the leading manufacturer of above ground skatepark equipment. Our precision engineering, modular capability, professional designs and local service mean that you get the durability, safety, flexibility and customer service you need to provide your community with a modern and viable recreation facility.

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  • Fabric Shade Structures


    Shade is a safety issue. By installing a shade structures, you can protect your patrons from sun overexposure and the sun’s dangerous U.V. rays. Shade Systems’ patented Turn-N-Slide Easy Fastening System is an ingenious mechanism which makes removal and re-attachment of the canopy quick and easy.

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  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment


    Our Fitness Equipment provides fitness components that are the perfect addition to your park, playground, housing development, teen center, senior living facility or any other location where people gather. We make it easy to add fitness to outdoor play. Older children and adults will appreciate the healthy benefits! Our fitness equipment is for ages 5 to adults.

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  • Solar Charging Stations

    solar charging stations

    While portable solar charging panels are commercially available, they are not widely available to the general public. With our Sun Charge Systems partnership, General Recreation can install solar powered charging stations in parks, playgrounds and pavilions, to meet the demands of modern, mobile life and encourage longer visits to recreational areas.

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  • GaGa Ball Pits


    GaGa Ball has become a popular game for schools, camps, youth activity centers that keeps kids engaged and moving. All kids can play and complete in this fun and fast moving game. The quick turnover and fast action gets everyone involved.

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  • Dog Park Equipment

    6531-Castle Jump Bar

    The mission at Dog-On-It-Parks is to help communities become more pet friendly by providing solutions for dog parks, off-leash areas and everywhere else dogs are welcome. We provide dog park equipment for public municipal park, private facilities, multi-family communities, military posts, RV resorts, campgrounds, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics.

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  • Outdoor Bleachers


    We represent companies that manufacture smaller portable aluminum bleachers and larger seating systems including aisles, ADA wheelchair seating, ramps, stairs etc. We can also provide expert recommendations based on your specific needs and building and safety codes.

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  • Athletic Standards


    With a host of suppliers, we are able to provide the best options for all of your outdoor athletic standards. We have everything from basketball backstops, football goal posts; baseball backstops to any sports goals, bases and other everyday athletic standards.