Skate Park Equipment

skate park logoSkatewave, part of the Landscape Structures family, is the leading manufacturer of above ground skate park equipment. Our precision engineering, modular capability, professional designs and local service mean that you get the durability, safety, flexibility and customer service you need to provide your community with a modern and viable recreation facility.

Ramps – Quarter Pipes & Bank Ramps

Offering a full range of quarter pipes, banks, drop-in-obstacles, spines,hips, launch boxes, bank to banks and pyramids Skatewave has all the modular ramps for any design.  Multiple heights and modular design make the design possibilities endless.

Street Elements – Grind Boxes, Rails, Stairs and Ledges

Skatwave’s complete line of grind boxes, manual pads, skate benches, skate tables, ledges, stairs, skate barriers, rails and more. Skatewave has all of the street elements to satisfy you most avid street enthusiasts.

Mini Half Pipes

Mini half pipes are available in multiple heights and widths. The modular nature of the Skatewave construction allows for the ability for phasing these larger elements into the master plan to meet the skate park’s design criteria

Skate Park Concept Designs

Skatewave and General Recreation offer complete skate park design and construction capabilities. Working within your budget, we can help you determine the correct desired elements and provide plan views and detailed color renderings for you to visualize your dream skate park.

Built On A Solid Foundation

Precision Engineering Processes

High quality engineering, robotic welding and meticulously-fitted interchangeable parts are the foundation of a community skate park experience like no other. Modular skate parks from Skatewave offer the extreme in engineering and manufacturing and ease of installation.

Every part is thoroughly tested for quality, both in the lab and in the field. Every Skatewave part is produced in Skaewave’s  state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which has been certified to both ISO 9001:2008 for quality and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental standards.

Resulting in endless creativity and changeability in your skateboard park design, our engineers have created the most modular system available. The Skatewave modular skate park equipment provides flexibility to choose and change riding surfaces, a quieter ride, skate board ramps riders love, faster and easier assembly, and the highest corrosion resistance.

Why Choose Skatewave and General Recreation?

Skatewave – with over 100 installations alone in PA, NJ, and DE alone, General Recreation is the regional leader in skate parks that are both designed for maximum functionality and true durability. Municipalities and skaters alike appreciate our hands on approach through the custom design process and the installation. We also offer free fundraising assistance to help make the skate park become a reality.

Your community skate park is about much more than just skateboard ramps and rails. A skate park is a haven for local youth riders who want to safely practice their sport, learn from other riders and socialize with others. A skate park with skateboard ramps literally keeps riders off the street and on the ramp. No more dangerous dodging traffic and potentially damaging public spaces. Skatewave® 3.0 modular community skate parks promote skateboarding in a challenging and safe environment.

Fabricated of durable steel, you’ll find that Skatewave offers completely customized skate parks, including skateboard ramps, for endless design possibilities. Your skate park design can be outstanding when you use Skatewave, your trusted skate park builder.

Plus, you’ll get fast, easy, assembly and hassle-free installation. When you work with Skatewave and General Recreation, you work with a collaborative team, including professional athletes and skate park designers, and a local representative who is with you every step of the way. You’re not a skate park builder or skate park design or equipment expert? With Skatewave you don’t have to be an expert to create an amazing skate park. We are here to help.

True Modular Capability

The Modular Design Makes Skatewave Unique

Some other claim modular skate park equipment design, but they really mean movable. Moveable does not mean modular.

The unique feature of Skatewave is that our skate park equipment products can be reconfigured to create various shapes and designs without diminishing the structural integrity of the product. You can literally add parts or sections together, easily build in phases, or simple add one or two new items to a skate park and end up with a new configuration and challenge for your users.  Skatewave manufactures pieces that can be attached to each other, interchanged or combined with others like it for a completely new and unique skate park design.

To demonstrate how Skatewave is truly modular, below are 3 different layout variations utilizing the same 9 individual obstacle pieces combined in different configurations.

modular skate park image
modular skate system

The Difference is in the Design

Expert Skate Park Design

We offer every client a complete design advantage. Our experienced local field representative has worked with hundreds of communities to design and build skate parks over the past 15 years.  We employ a highly collaborative skate park planning and design process that make sure that everyone is included, from start to finish. We utilized professional skaters to guide our designs to be the best experience for all users. Our goal is to create a park that will match match your site, budget, and local rider preferences. Our design thought process is geared toward all skill levels, beginner through experienced. We build parks that keep everyone challenged.

The typical steps to develop a skate park include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Public Meetings, often with local riders
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Completed Plan Sets
  • Installation

Want to build a skate park? From design to installation we handle it all!