Alpha Link™ Towers, Bring New Heights to Play

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Introducing Alpha Tower™ and Alpha Link™ Towers

Playground planners may double the climbing challenge by incorporating the Alpha Link™ Towers into this industrial looking playground design. Two massive towers, linked by an elevated crawl tunnel, offer different levels of challenge on the  way up, while it incorporates two thrilling slides bring children back down to the ground. The frame is constructed largely from Hot Dip Galvanized Steel. The Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) process creates a contemporary look on the Towers’ steel frames delivering a modern playground design that will enhance any play space.

The Apha Tower™ may be a stand-alone feature, or the Linked Tower can be added to further build upon this exciting play structure. Connecting the two towers is a crawl tunnel and challenging bridging events at ground level.  Not only does Alpha Link™ Towers offer challenging climbing opportunities, children will enjoy finding all the unique lookout spots, as well as the shaded spaces inside for socializing  and relaxing . Parents and care givers will appreciate the perforated metal and slotted permalene panels that offer clear sight lines. Decks reach 4′, 8′ and 12′ heights in the completely enclosed Alpha™ Tower. Users will have endless fun in this newly released Landscape Structures playground structure that can make any playground a destination playground.

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