AquaSmart: Aquatic Play, No Power Required


Discover AquaSmart ™ Packages.

These thrilling new splash pad opportunities are powered by HydroLogix™. The proprietary technology behind HydroLogix is also what makes these innovative packages intriguingly affordable.

Save energy, water and space.

HydroLogix eliminates the need for costly electrical installation and operates with just a push of the button. Now you can place one of these self-contained splash pads just about anywhere, especially when electrical service is prohibitive or unwanted. No power bills, no potential power failures.

This low-flow, low-water option greatly reduces water consumption while still providing plenty of opportunities for splashtastic play. Because there’s no need for a mechanical room or large vault, you can devote all the available space to having fun.

You’ll see the benefits of new technology. Kids will just see a fun start button. Splash pads powered by HydroLogix puts kids in control of the action. One push and the entire splash pad comes to life. When the water shuts off, kids turn it into part of the game as they race back to start the splashing all over again.

AquaSmart Packages are sized right for smaller pocket parks, daycare facilities and compact urban areas. Add one adjacent to a playground or even alongside a larger splash pad for a low volume option.

Installing one of these AquaSmart Packages is not only easier and faster, it requires less permitting too. It could even be a perfect project for a community build. AquaSmart Packages powered by HydroLogix will provide years of fun in the sun and require minimal maintenance compared to electronic solutions. That’s because HydroLogix is built like a tank. It’s sturdy, stainless steel construction is vandal resistant, corrosion resistant and component-failure resistant.

Choose from several ready-to-install splash pad packages featuring new HydroLogix. It puts kids in control of all the fun.  Learn more on the Aquatix website

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