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BikeKeeper Bike Parking Solutions racks, together with your color pallet is a winning combination for the most asthetically pleasing, stylish design that will allow people to gather together in safety and comfort.  Choose BikeKeeper for lasting, durable, maintenance free products and our amazing 10-year warranty.

Triangle Series

Triangle Design

Stylish, strong modules, ideal for safe frame locking. Groups of racks can be finished with end plates made of various customized plastics or sheet metal to your specification.

One Side and Dual Side

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One Side and Dual Side form a basic products group suitable for any location. With variable distances between units, makes them available for active use or efficient bike storage solutions.

Ground Base

Ground base bike racks

Ground Base is a very adaptable product group. It is possible to use pieces to build a very small or very large bicycle parking stations in almost and type of location. It may also be installed on sloped surfaces.

One Side and Dual Side Bike Shelters

bike parking shelter

Enjoy the comfort of a roof over your head with the addition of bike shelter with a premium canopy. Protecting bikes and bikers from inclement weather and irritating debris like sap falling from trees and messy birds.

New Age Bike Shelter

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BikeKeeper New Age Shelter is a brand new outdoor shelter series with supreme customization features! It can be used as secure bike park or as a shelter with bench. Big surface give plenty of area to bring out brands or just add color to the scenery.

Vertical Space Saver

vertical storage rack

The Ultimate Bike Storage Organizer!
Vertical Space Saver is perfect choice for indoors and outdoors storage. It is a versatile space-saving miracle that keeps all the bikes safe and secure with frame locking.


BikeKeeper is no ordinary bicycle rack. It is a durable bicycle parking station that provides tidy parking for both adults’ and children’s bicycles thanks to its frame locking feature.

Frame locking effectively reduces bicycle thefts, storage break-ins and vandalism. When bicycles can be securely stored in an appropriate place designed for them, the whole environment becomes more tidy and pleasant.

Experience has taught us that BikeKeeper has helped render previously unsecure areas safe. BikeKeeper is more than a bicycle storage station – it is an investment in an improved environment and quality of life.


The BikeKeeper bicycle storage station is particularly suitable for busy, well populated areas.

The brilliant beam architecture provides more parking space than a traditional bicycle rack while also facilitating the parking procedure itself.

BikeKeeper solutions are available for both outdoor and indoor applications. The bicycle parking station can be designed based on individual needs and available space.


Promoting cycling can be best served by providing racks with frame locking that are not only secure, but also adapt to the environment visually.

The simply elegant design and limitless installation and color options of BikeKeeper products ensure that they will look stylish in any property.

BikeKeeper bicycle parking stations are made of galvanized steel that endures wear and tear.

It is advisable to supplement your bicycle parking station with a reflective station label. The label assists the users in the proper use of the station while ensuring that any vehicles in the vicinity are able to see the station even in the dark.


BikeKeeper is easier and more comfortable to use than most of the traditional, low bicycle racks.

Locking a bicycle by the upper part of the frame is more ergonomic, easier and cleaner, particularly at night and in bad weather conditions. Furthermore, by resting the bicycle frame against the rack, the risk of bending its rims is reduced.

Installing BikeKeeper products in renovated sites is the best way of ensuring highly secure bicycle storage. This will also contribute to more tidy sports equipment storage rooms and yard. Bicycle thefts will also become history, making the location the pride of its residents.

The BikeKeeper Manufacturing  Process: Explained

We start by using the purest possible steel. A high steel grade can withstand the type of treatment we perform to achieve rust-resistant surfaces and long-lasting products. Additionally, ventilation openings are drilled into the steel beams to ensure ventilation occurs while the hot zinc pours in and out of the tube. Air and ventilation, along with high-quality steel, are crucial to achieving proper steel manufacturing practices. Lower quality steel and poor or no ventilation would cause the steel beam to explode in the zinc pool and disintegrate.

High-grade pure steel is then hot-dipped galvanized. We set ourselves apart by performing the hot-dipped galvanization process on the steel beams’ inner and outer sides along with powder coating our pieces. The galvanization process, along with the powder coating, results in the ultimate corrosion proof. Each of our pieces is dipped in a zinc pool to ensure a thick layer of zinc covers the steel’s inner and outer sides. The steel reacts with the zinc creating a rust-resistant piece. Once pieces are galvanized, we powder-coat each design in any RAL color of your choice. This is called Duplex System, and it is only used in Scandinavian countries. The Duplex System, although more expensive, offers higher quality and longer-lasting products.

Lastly, we ensure all of our steel beams are between 4 mm and 6 mm (0.16 “and 0.24”) in thickness. The steel piece thickness is crucial to obtain a sturdy and heavy-duty body and a secure bicycle rack that can withstand harsh weather, vandalism, and other conditions.

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