Forma – The Contemporary New Anywhere Playsystem

Forma Playground Equipment
Forma™ brings a contemporary vibe to any play environment. With its architectural influences, endless color possibilities and open sightlines, create the perfect complement to our play setting, whether you're looking for a nature-inspired style or something more modern. Kids will love the dynamic, challenging and inclusive play opportunities provided by Forma's clean, angular design and
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Poligon Bench Swings

poligon bench swings
Add Comfort & Function To Your Structures Poligon Bench Swings provide seating for your structures in a fun new way. Constructed from commercial grade steel, the bench swings are both comfortable and modern with horizontal slat seating and clean simple lines. These bench swings can be retrofit onto existing Poligon structures (requires engineering review) or
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Dynamic Play Packaged In A Compact Design

commercial park equipment
Quantis™ A.2 Defy expectations with the angular and sculptural Quantis™ A.2, the newest member of the Quantis family of playground net climbers! Kids ages 5 to 12 will love its open format playscape as they navigate to the Oodle® seat at the structure's core, balance across the SwiggleKnots™ Bridge or tackle the overhead netting and
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We-Go-Swing, Revolutionary New Inclusive Swing

We-Go-Swing action photo
THIS IS TRUE INCLUSION. The We-Go-Swing We’ve always designed for inclusive play. Now, we’re introducing a whole new way to play for all. The We-Go-Swing™ is the first no-transfer inclusive swing that can be integrated into the playground setting and invites kids of all abilities to get in on the fun. Introducing a revolutionary swing
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The New Shape of Play: Hedra

Hedra photo
Because Play Will Always Shape Us, Introducing Hedra HEDRA Play is the universal language of fun, of collaboration, of growing. Play is key to helping kids becoming better adults. So we create kids play structures to amaze and inspire, challenge and empower, promote empathy and pride.  We create playstructures that are design focused and packed
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Spring Garden Township Grows Gathering Spaces For Community

Elmwood Park Playground photo
After 25 years in the playground design business, there’s a youthful chime in Steve Hemler’s voice as he describes someone becoming part of General Recreation’s client family- starting with the Elmwood Park project. “We’ve been blessed over the years with long-time working relationships, however a new client still gets me giddy -  and we want
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New Inclusive Playground an Act of Friendship in Pittsburgh’s East End

Children's Home of Pittsburgh inclusive playground
In Pittsburgh’s Friendship Neighborhood, the team at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center dreams as big as the children they serve. The “big idea” was an inclusive playground in their own backyard. This independent, non-profit organization helps children of all ages through services that establish and strengthen the family, including an adoption
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Inclusive Playgrounds Website Launch

inclusive playgrounds
We have just launched a new website devoted entirely to assisting communities plan, design and build inclusive playgrounds. Learn about inclusive play products and how they may create experiences that assist with child development. Our Inclusive Playgrounds Philosophy Landscape Structures and General Recreation, Inc, together, create inclusive play areas featuring activities that are age and developmentally  appropriate, sensory
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New Rhapsody Instruments Introduced

Rhahpsody Instruments Vibra Chimes
Landscape Structures introduced several new outdoor musical instruments for public spaces. These new Rhapsody additions round out and already broad array of instruments available. The Rhapsody Vibra Chimes These large chimes provide the lowest, most resonant notes of the Rhapsody® collection. Eight Vibra™chimes, each with their own mallet, play eight different notes to make up
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New Crab Trap Offers a Unique Climbing Structure

crab trap
Conquer the Crab Trap This unique climber, the  Crab Trap climbing structure, accommodates lots of kids all at once, offering an assortment of opportunities to climb, crawl and hang out. Attack the Crab Trap from the inside or the outside, the options are endless. Kids decide how to maneuver from one challenge to the next,
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