Boyle Recreation Center’s Playground Renaissance in Philadelphia

boyle playground

The City of Philadelphia is in the midst of rehabilitating parks throughout their city. General Recreation has had the opportunity to be a part of these capital improvements as a recommended vendor.

Francesco Cerrai, Architectural Project Coordinator with the City of Philadelphia, worked with Andy Cush of General Recreation and landscape architect Nate Burns of Langan Engineering, on the Boyle Recreation Center playground, which opened on March 7.

The original playground was once divided in two, serving two different age groups and separated by a large building facility.

“With numerous ball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and a spray park, a lot of families spend time there,” says Francesco. “Two separate playgrounds were not conducive to families who needed to supervise children of different ages.”
LSI_Boyle_Rec_320_B “Our goal was to create one playground by reusing existing components and integrating new elements well-suited for the 2-5 and 5-12 age groups,” explains Nate, who managed the project from conception to construction.

“It was easy to work with Gen Rec,” Nate recalls. “Design updates, cost requests and other information came to us easily,” says Nate, who appreciated the ease and flow of communication throughout the project.

In the new design, they updated PlayBooster® components for safety and accessibility. New components include the cabled Lunar Blast® Net Climber, a Weevos® play area, spinning components, spring riders, and swings.

“Nate, Andy and their team were right on track with their site furnishings recommendations, surfacing and colors. They were helpful in making changes that would fit the space, while developing a beautiful playground that fit our budget,” adds Francesco.

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