Canyon Collection™ New Product Release

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Rock Climbing Reaches New Heights with The Canyon Collection!

Rocks are no longer a stand-alone product off to the side of the playground. The Canyon Collection™ integrates with PlayBooster® play structures to deliver a continuous play experience that’s both physical and imaginative.

LSICanyonTheDenRock240 There are four rocks, each of which attaches to posts in a specific configuration around the new Canyon Deck. The rocks, with play elements on both the outside and inside, can also be attached as individual pieces around standard decks creating true-to-life rock-climbing experience.

THE ASCENT™ ROCK Though the smallest of the collection, the Ascent Rock provides a challenging vertical climb with plenty of built-in hand- and foot-holds.

THE BEND™ ROCK Curving at a 90-degree angle, the Bend Rock presents two sides of climbing on the outside and an opening to allow access to the inside plus clear sight lines for caregivers.

THE CHIMNEY™ ROCK The tallest piece in the collection, the Chimney Rock offers climbing opportunities on the outside and inside faces so kids can climb out of the cave and over the top or onto the deck.

LSICanyonTheChimneyRock240 THE DEN™ ROCK Wrapping around the Canyon or Hexagon Decks at 120-degrees, the Den Rock delivers multiple climbing challenges and two openings to an inside hideaway. The lower height of the rock accommodates bridges coming off the structure.

In addition to climbing opportunities, each rock includes unique features like critters, fossil imprints and stalactites to kindle the spirit of adventure.

With these new nature-inspired Landscape Structures playground components, kids ages 5 to 12 can practice their mountain climbing skills, and achieve new heights with their peers. Challenging children’s physical fitness and imaginations, the Canyon Collection™ integrates with a PlayBooster®. Because the 4 separate rock panels are molded from actual rock formations, kids get a true-to-life rock-climbing experience. They can be climbed both inside and out! And if one or more of the Canyon Collection Nets are added, users receive even more age-appropriate challenging experience. Use one or more panels to create a life-like climbing events and multiple climbing experiences. Check out this awesome Canyon Collection video of children playing on them and how and why these products were created.

Learn more about other climbing structures and The Canyon Collection on The Landscape Structures website.  Learn about other NEW LANDSCAPE STRUCTURES PRODUCTS recently released.

LSICanyonTheBendRock240 LSICanyonClimbInside240 LSICanyonADA240

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