Commercial Play Equipment for Any Playground

Commercial play equipment is essential for an open space to create commercial play equipmenta family oriented recreational facility. For your playground equipment needs, trust General Recreation Inc. to make your community’s playground a reality. With over 40 years’ experience in making fun-filled and aesthetically-pleasing playgrounds, the company is also staffed with experienced consultants who can help you plan your dream playground.

Playground Equipment

Whether you want to upgrade your community playground, replace your commercial play equipment, or even help you visualize your playground from scratch, the company will coordinate with you to come up with a concept and then help you to turn that plan into a reality. With its exclusive relationship many commercial and institutional play equipment manufacturers, the company offers comprehensive and site specific solutions that include design, planning, and installation.

Some of the other product lines that the company carries include solar charging stations, outdoor bleachers, fabric shade structures, park shelters and gazebos, pavilions, playground surfaces, site furnishings, and kids’ play structures. Specializing in community, school, and child care playgrounds, the company also provides commercial play equipment for outdoor public spaces like water parks (splashpads), outdoor fitness gyms, and outdoor musical areas and athletic fields.


The company’s comprehensive services are what attracts clients to them in the first place. From conceptualization to project completion, the company has all the services and equipment needed for any recreational or playground project.

The company also designs the playgrounds with your detailed input, and then implements that design. The company can provide detailed drawings together with three-dimensional color renderings. The company also provides written specifications that are to be followed by the company’s suppliers and contractors.

General Recreation’s staff is comprised of local experienced consultants who can assist clients and give professional advice throughout planning and installation phases. From brainstorming to the grand opening of your playground, the company can guide you over many of your project’s hurdles. Moreover, the company’s consultants are educated in playground safety and they know what is needed to ensure a safe and successful recreational environment.

Aside from designing and implementing your playground concept, the company may also assist your fundraising efforts. The company’s client-customized, and web-based tool can help your organization in getting public interest for your commercial play equipment project. This may also assist you in raising funds for a certain project. If you or your  organization are out of fundraising ideas, it is always a good idea to call on General Recreation for assistance. While General Recreation is not in the fundraising business, they certainly can provide guidance and references from our previous customers.

The company also assists groups in planning and promoting the community-building process, where local volunteers are utilized for various aspects of the project construction. The company is very experience having worked with hundreds of communities and schools through the community build process.  Our past satisfied community build clients often refer them for to their neighboring communities when they know there is a commercial play equipment project in the planning stages.

Whether you need help in planning, designing, fundraising, installing, or community-building, General Recreation, Inc. is confident in delivering its services to you.

Dedicated to You And Your Commercial Play Equipment

Why should you choose General Recreation for your playground needs? The company dedicates itself to every small- or large-scale project. The reason why the company still represents the playground market’s best products is because it provides excellent local service. Therefore, if you want to have a top-notch playground in your community, get the best commercial play equipment from General Recreation.

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