Getting Commercial Equipment for Playgrounds

Choosing the right supplier to provide commercial playground evos commercial playground equipmentequipment is a wise decision for many communities and institutions. The best supplier of commercial equipment also plans, designs, and provides playgrounds that are aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and safe. With that in mind, no company provides more for playgrounds than General Recreation, Inc.

The company has been in the playground business since 1973. The company’s commercial playground equipment for sale includes a wide array of products that are supported by trusted specialized services including site evaluation, playground design, fundraising, and installation. Whether the playground may be a community-built ground or it may have outdoor playsets at a quaint pre-school ground, the company’s specialists will help you – the client – in every step of the process.

The Best in Playground Equipment

The hallmarks of the company’s quality products are dependability and durability, not to mention the company’s experience in planning, designing playground layouts, and implementing playground plans. The company also designs layouts and provides equipment for skate parks and commercial water parks. The company also provides commercial playground products like hillside slides, splash pads, musical play equipment, gaga ball pit, and equipment for outdoor fitness.

The company also provides equipment for conventional playgrounds including kids’ play structures and furnishings like gazebos and park pavilions, playground surfaces, outdoor bleachers, commercial shade structures, and mats for ADA beach access.


The company’s main product line is the design of playgrounds. General Recreation is fully capable of designing playgrounds and providing customized play areas for your needs. Armed with a complete product line, the company can meet the demands of the small neighborhood playground to any large park project.

A playground is not only about greenery. Most playgrounds and public parks have pathways for users to tread on, and the company provides durable and safe surfacing material. The company has all the commercial park products for any kind of surfacing project. The company provides you all your surfacing needs like rubber tiles, poured-in-place rubber, synthetic turf, rubber mulch (loose fill), or safety surfacing (engineered wood fiber).

General Recreation provides some highly visible and durable products. Such products are site furnishing and the company provides aesthetically-pleasing playground products like tables, benches, receptacles, planters, and bike racks. Made of various materials like aluminum, steel, recycled plastic, coated steel, and wool, the company’s site furnishings also comes in various designs from contemporary to traditional to transitional – to fit any playground design theme.

No playground or public park is complete without buildings, band shells, gazebos, and pavilions. The company’s pre-fabricated and pre-engineered playground buildings, which can lighten up and beautify any park or playground setting, come in various configurations. You can even have your own custom-made playground structure.

Everything You Need

General Recreation works with you to conceptualize the right park or playground plan and then helps you to realize that plan. The company can help you in your park equipment replacement needs and facility upgrading needs. With its wide range of affiliations, the company offers the best in product solutions and personalized service.

Call Generation Recreation now and be amazed with the various commercial playground equipment the company has to offer!

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