Slides in Your Commercial Playgrounds

Commercial playground slides are integral to the design and commercial playground slidesfunction of any small- or large-scale playground. Whatever the size of your playground, there are always children nearby who would want to play in the grounds – as long as there are sufficient play facilities. Thus, for your playground needs, all you need to do is to contact and hire General Recreation Inc.

Landscape Structures

General Recreation is the local partner of Landscape Structures, which manufactures ingenious playground equipment like commercial playground swings and slides. Thus, you can be sure of getting the best and most durable playground equipment.

With Landscape Structures products, General Recreation offers equipment that incites fun and is safe and artful, from custom-designed play structures to personalized playground design. The company conceptualizes and builds playground equipment that is superior when it comes to durability, safety features, and craftsmanship.

With such fun products, children would surely love the company’s play structures. Parents, of course, would trust the company’s products because they’re designed imaginatively and safe and strong, as well.


The Playsystems product line includes PlayShaper, PlayBooster, Weevos, PlaySense, and Evos. The Freestanding Components product line includes swings, sensory play, Kids in Motion, AeroNet Climbers, Mobius Climbers, and Natural Elements Climbers. The company’s fitness equipment line includes Fitness Cluster, FitCore, and HealthBit. For the Accents & Furnishings line, some of the products are How Can Play Engage the Senses, Site Amenities, and Cooltopper Shade Systems.

The commercial slides are included in the PlaySense and Independent Play Components lines. Why should there be slides in any children’s playground? Slides are among a kid’s favorites. Plus, it helps develop coordination, balance, and motor planning skills.

Commercial Playground Slides

The company’s commercial playground slides are a brilliant innovation on the classic playground staple. The new durable and dependable slides get an updated look together with various configurations. Children would love skimming down the spiral slides. Plus, each slide provides a safe, thrilling, and exhilarating ride.

Sub-Stainless Steel Slide

The eye-catching design is bold and features a tubular and partially-enclosed bedway, which opens up, at the end, an open-end ride. The downward built-in curve and massive height make the slide fun and beautiful all the same.

Spiral Stainless Steel Slide

The 80-inch open-bedway slide provides a twisty and smooth way down in a compact space.

Tube Stainless Steel Slide

From a 72-inch height, the stainless steel tubular straight slide provides a smooth and bold way down. The stylishness adds to the playground’s contemporary flair.

Double Stainless Steel Slide

The slide is the children’s favorite. Plus, the bedway (made of stainless steel) does not give off a static charge; thus, it’s excellent for children with cochlear implants.

Wave Stainless Steel Slide

The slide offers kids and exhilarating, thrilling, and fast ride. Plus, the stainless steel construction makes the slide safe for children having cochlear implants.

Tower Sub-Stainless Steel Slide

The eye-catching slide with its radical design has a tubular, partially-enclosed bedway that opens up into an open air ride. The built-in curve and massive height makes the slide exciting and fun all the same.

Straight Stainless Steel Slide

The slide allows kids to slide together side-by-side.

Slides will never go out of style and will remain staples in any small or large playground. With commercial playground slides by General Recreation, parents can be assured that their kids are safe and happy.

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