Products for Your Community Playground

When developing a commercial playground, your community may commercial playgroundnot know where to begin the process on designing and building a commercial playground. You should not worry, as General Recreation, Inc., has all the right products and services for you to start planing  your community endeavor. General Recreation’s experienced staff can also assist you plan from concept through to the actual construction.

Planning a Commercial Playground

The first step for you and your community would be to consult with the company representatives. General Recreation has experts that can help you in conceptualizing, designing, budgeting, and implementing your commercial playground systems plan.  Beyond that, the company’s sales consultants can provide you with detailed drawings, 3D renderings, and written technical specifications for your particular project.

General Recreation can assist you to select products that will best meet the needs of your community and the intended users of the playground. Representing various manufacturers, especially Landscape Structures, Gen Rec provides commercial playground equipment and playground components like safety surfacing, aquatic playgrounds, site furnishings, outdoor musical play, fabric shade structures, athletic equipment, outdoor bleachers, fitness equipment, and gazebos, band shells, pavilions, and other buildings.

After the company has helped you plan your playground and helped you choose the right commercial playground components and design, it is time for you to turn your plan into reality. This is a relatively easy process as the company has a network of competent suppliers, installers, and contractors that can make your dream into a reality. If you wish, the company can also help you plan for your opening day.

What’s best about General Recreation is its after-sales service. Whenever you need a replacement part for your swing or slide, you can be assured that the company will be there to assist you. If you ever have a problem with the equipment or questions arise, General Recreation will always be available for assistance. The company can also help you in the maintenance of your playground equipment by providing detailed maintenance information specific to every playground they sold.  That’s how the company is dedicated to every customer.

Fundraising for a Commercial Playground

An important service that the company provides is fundraising. Raising funds for your community playground may be a monumental task. Imagine going door-to-door and handing out flyers and asking for funds. It’s not only tiresome, but potentially discouraging as well. The important thing nowadays is the presence on the Internet.

General Recreation answers that need through its “Playground Fundraising Website Service” which allows you and your fundraising team to create an online identity and voice. Moreover, such a solution is affordable and manageable.

Some of the fundraising service’s features are as follows:

  • Encouraging your community to volunteer and donate for the betterment of everyone
  • Letting the people take part in making the community better
  • Using the website as a tool to reach out to potential corporate sponsors
  • Using the power of the Internet to reach others aside from corporate sponsors

The Right Equipment

With General Recreation, you won’t go wrong when it comes to having the right commercial playground equipment. The hallmarks of the products that the company distributes are durability, excellent quality, and dependability. If you seek the right equipment for your community playground or park, call General Recreation. You can even ask their many satisfied clients. Your commercial playground would be a success as the company can provide you with everything you need.

Thinking About Your Next Project?