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Since 1973, General Recreation Inc. Is the Unrivaled Leader in Kids Outdoor Play Equipment

Looking for affordable commercial playground equipment? Look no further than General Recreation Inc. of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey!

Celebrating more than a half-century as the Mid-Atlantic’s leading distributor of state-of-the-art, safe, extremely fun commercial-grade playground equipment and play structures, General Recreation is the one and only company to call when you’re in the market for the best commercial playground equipment available.

The Gen Rec advantage is simple: We work with you every step of the way in turning your idea for commercial playgrounds into fun-filled reality. From the initial blueprint design, to organizing community fundraising efforts…from choosing the right park playground equipment, to getting those play structures installed…General Recreation is the smart choice for municipalities, families, and private companies looking to grace their grounds with fabulous, fun, unfailingly safe new commercial playground equipment.

The best playground equipment in America comes from one of America’s best playground equipment companies. Contact the experienced professionals at General Recreation Inc. to get the ball rolling on a new commercial playground that’ll entertain the kids of your family, your employees, or your community for many fun-filled years to come.

Create a new center of pride and a new destination for fun. Let’s get started building a new commercial playground exclusively for your backyard, company property, or community park!

Step One: Get Your Free Consultation on Commercial Park Equipment

We’re Happy To Talk Commercial Playground Equipment With You – At No Charge!

We make no bones about it: We make our money when we provide you with the right playground structures for your particular project – and deciding which play structures are right for your commercial playground takes a little bit of time and a lot of careful planning.

That’s why we begin every commercial playground project with a complimentary initial consultation with you, the client. Whether we’re meeting over the phone, on a video chat, or in-person at the future playground site or inside the General Recreation Inc. offices, our first chat is always productive and always free.

Really, it’s a two-way interview. The Gen Rec experts take a deep dive into your planned commercial playground project, learning about your site, your budget, and what’s important to you – and in return, you ask us any questions about commercial playground equipment cost, selection, and installation. Working together, our outdoor play equipment designers will come up with a tantalizing lineup of intelligently designed, incredibly safe, visually attractive inclusive playgrounds exclusively for your project, including complete technical drawings coupled with 3-D color renderings – and it all begins with that first, free consultation.

It’s always exciting to be at the forefront of a new commercial playground project. The pros at Gen Rec get a big kick out of seeing our custom designs come to fruition and become a fun, safe place for kids to play. Let’s get started with that initial consultation with a dedicated General Recreation playground designer, and bring the world’s best outdoor play equipment home to your family, your business, or your community.

Step Two: Take Advantage of General Recreation’s Proven Fundraising Services

It Takes Money To Install Playground Equipment for a New Community Park. We Can Help!

Most of the time, a new commercial playground needs to be funded before any purchase, design, or construction can take place. Here at General Recreation, we believe there’s no better investment than in the physical fitness and emotional development of our nation’s kids!

That’s why we help communities and municipalities across New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania to raise the funds needed to bring their commercial playgrounds to life. We engage the entire community in fundraising efforts, generating a level of interest and excitement that 1) lets the community’s stakeholders (from private citizens to corporate businesses) know about the need for commercial playground equipment, 2) informs them of the many benefits of a new, well-designed, inclusive play space, and 3) encourages them to take an active role in making it happen – including and especially in the all-important funding of this great new commercial play area.

After that initial free consultation, while our designers are getting down to work custom-designing your new commercial playground, we’re simultaneously working with you to help raise funds for the project. With specific goals in mind and with proven fundraising techniques, General Recreation Inc. turns ideas into reality…and that means helping fund the cost of the entire playground, too.

Step Three: We Help You Install Playground Equipment On-Site

Amenities Like Swing Sets, Play Structures, and Outdoor Fitness Equipment Are Installed Securely Into the Ground

The installation of your chosen commercial playground equipment is where the rubber meets the road – literally. If the play equipment isn’t installed properly, the playground isn’t gonna look right…and isn’t gonna be safe enough either.

Good installation matters. So General Recreation Inc. provides clients with recommendations for experienced, local, top-rated commercial playground installers who can and will install your park equipment, fitness equipment, swing sets, and other playground equipment correctly, the first time – building the perfect park for the kids of your community.

World-Class Play Structures for Distinguished, Inclusive Playgrounds

We Sell Advanced Play Systems That Encourage Physical Fitness and Social Development

Wanna see what fun looks like? Click on the Products & Services link along the navigation bar at the top of this webpage, then click on Products. The first block on the left, labeled Playground Equipment, takes you a page loaded with an array of amazing, spectacular, colorful, innovative outdoor playground equipment – the kind of playground equipment that young kids are sure to enjoy.

The playground equipment for sale through General Recreation Inc. isn’t your ordinary playground equipment. We deal only with the most extraordinary types of commercial playground equipment – extraordinarily safe, extraordinarily inventive, extraordinarily fun. Gen Rec builds customized outdoor playgrounds that will entice young kids to play together, stimulating their emotional development, their cognitive development, and their physical development at the same time.

Check out the staggering variety of attractive playground structures available from General Recreation Inc. and let your imagination loose on all the many ways our commercial playsets can make your playground project truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you choose stimulating play systems for 2- to 5-year-olds, active play systems for 5- to 12-year-olds, or mix-and-match outdoor playsets to create a highly appealing play space for young kids of any age group, you’re guaranteed to find commercial playground equipment from General Recreation that’ll keep ’em laughing and having fun for many, many years to come!

Commercial Playground Equipment that Puts Safety First and Always

From Rubber Mulch to Safety Surfacing on the Monkey Bars, Every Playground Set is Safe for Every Age Group

As parents and as community leaders, you know there’s no job more important than to protect kids. Obviously, we want them to have fun – after all, that’s what childhood is all about! – while encouraging physical activity and developing social skills…but those goals are moot if the commercial playgrounds aren’t safe to use.

All of the commercial playground equipment sold by General Recreation Inc. meets or exceeds recognized safety standards. Whether it’s a slide, a swing set, a set of spring riders, or a freestanding climbing wall, each piece of play equipment we sell is made from the best material and offers modern safety features – so that kids can stay healthy while developing motor skills, learning to play together, and (of course) having a lot of fun.

We understand implicitly that many children learn by playing. We want to help you create a fun, inviting environment of play for your community’s kids, letting them learn vital social skills and maintain healthy physical development with safe, active play on General Recreation playground structures.

General Recreation Inc.’s Service Areas: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

We Sell State-of-the-Art Commercial Playsets from Lake Erie to the Atlantic Ocean

Where does General Recreation Inc. sell the best playground equipment? Anywhere in the First State, the Garden State, and the Keystone State!

Since 1973 we’ve been based in eastern Pennsylvania (Newtown Square, to be exact) to serve all of PA as well as NJ and DE. That includes major cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Dover, Trenton, Newark, and Atlantic City…and it includes suburban areas like Beaver Falls, West Chester, New Castle, Camden, Passaic, Elizabeth, and Bridgewater…and it definitely includes rural townships like Lock Haven, Bloomsburg, Vineland, Harrington, and Seaford…and every locality in between.

Over our decades serving the Central Mid-Atlantic region, we’ve designed and helped build new commercial playgrounds in places like Toms River NJ and the Jersey Shore, Little Creek DE and the Eastern Shore, and Hershey PA and Pennsylvania’s Capital Region. Whether your community is in Sussex County, Delaware, Sussex County, New Jersey, or Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, General Recreation Inc. is the company to call for expert, experienced design of the best playground equipment around.

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A spectacular new commercial playground is only a phone call or an instant message away. Reach out to the experienced playground-design experts of General Recreation and let’s bring new commercial playground equipment to your home, business, or community.

We’re easy to reach. Just:

  • call us at 1-800-726-4793
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Build something truly extraordinarily in your community – something that’ll entertain younger children and older children alike, while encouraging child development and always keeping kids safe. Work with the recognized experts of General Recreation Inc. to buy and install commercial-grade playground equipment that’ll help kids’ emotional, social, and physical health for generations to come.

Rely on General Recreation Inc. for the Best Commercial Playground Equipment in NJ, DE, and PA!

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