Building Your Commercial Playground

If you want to have commercial playgrounds with the right sizes and specifications, you are wise to hire General Recreation, Inc., to supply your commercial playground requirements. The company guides you throughout the process, from designing your playground, installing it, and even maintaining your playground. All you have to do is to contact the company’s experts, who will assess, evaluate, and make suggestions on your playground site – for free.

Design Services and Installation

The company can design your commercial or residential playgrounds for you. General Recreation offers complete technical drawings coupled with color renderings in 3D. Even the most challenging project is an easy task for the company. Its experts are ready to dip their heels to work on the best possible playground solutions for you.

Installation of your playground is also a piece of cake. Through its network of qualified installers, the company can help ensure that the installation of your playground (commercial or residential) is done correctly. Never leave your installation job to chance. Make sure that your playground installers are experienced to handle the meticulous job. With that, General Recreation is fully up to the task.


General Recreation can help you when it comes to raising funds for your commercial children’s playground. If you happen to represent a community, you may be raising funds by handing out flyers or presenting your playground pitch door-to-door. At times, you may not get the funds from many households or businesses.

Maybe your community leaders are short on ideas to raise money for your playground? In today’s world, a strong web presence is vital to show and address the team or community’s requirements. The company can solve your fundraising issues. Its “Website Fundraising Service” allows your fundraising group air out its online identity and voice in an affordable and easy way.

The company’s “Website Fundraising Service” comes with a multitude of features. First of all, you can leverage the Internet’s power. The service allows people in your community to participate in your community’s involvement. You can also use the website as a way to market to corporate sponsors. You can also encourage people in your community to volunteer and donate for the community’s development.


Aside from designing your residential or commercial playground, installing it, and even raising funds for it, General Recreation has a network of suppliers to help you with your needs. The company has a wide array of products that can fit your vision of your playground.

As Landscape Structures’ local partner, General Recreation can meet the requirements for all types of public grounds, from large playgrounds to neighborhood pocket parks. Other products the company provides are safety surfacing, aquatic playgrounds, musical play equipment, site furnishing (benches, receptacles, tables, planters, and bike racks), skate parks, and structures like band shells, gazebos, and pavilions.

Whatever product or service you get from the company, you can be assured that you are getting the best products available. Design services and post-installation maintenance are top-notch and the products provided are durable and beautiful to look at. With General Recreation, you can be sure that the needs of your commercial playgrounds are well taken care of.

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