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Have you ever considered using volunteers to construct a school or community playground? General Recreation provides free “community Build” services. A Community Built Playground is when a group of volunteers organize and install a commercial playground while creating a positive community project. Along with General Recreation’s guidance and supervision of the build comes the re-assurance that it will be built properly and be safe for your children. Many of our clients have saved 30% or more of their entire project cost allowing them to provide more equipment than if they hired a contractor to install the playground.

We provide free guidance throughout the entire process. No design fees, no hidden costs and lots of experience. We will even take care of the site layout and location of all components and post holes, assuring that all safety requirements are met. General Recreation can oversee the entire construction process. We will organize and assign tasks for all volunteers until completion. With proper preparation, most playground projects can be installed in one day.

Our experienced personnel and are available to plan, organize and supervise the commercial playground installation for community and school groups. In order to be able to provide such service, General Recreation has fully committed to this process. We come armed with many of the tools required to complete the project and advise your group on everything else that will be required. We hope that you won’t let this daunting task of organizing a community build stop you from achieving your goals. Let us help you get started.

Community Build Playgrounds are so important to so many of our customers that we created a website dedicated to Community Build Playgrounds.

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