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We are pleased to offer Landscape Structures’ Learning Academy Continuing Education Seminars to parks and recreation professionals and landscape architects. As an authorized provider of continuing education from the International Association for Continuous Education and Training (IACET) and the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System™ (LA CES), we’re able to offer professionals continuing education credits.

Find a session that best fits your audience’s needs in our 100 level or 200 level offerings, or plan a trip to visit our corporate headquarters in Delano, Minn., to complete the PLAY Tour.

100 LEVEL COURSES: Continuing Education Seminars

A Higher Level of Inclusive Play

During this continuing education seminar, you will learn about the changing population of children on the playground, and how to create playground designs that meet their unique needs.

Designing Fitness-Focused Playgrounds

Learn tips for creating playground designs to get and keep kids active. Additionally, you’ll see how you can make a positive and healthy impact on your community.

Inclusive Playspace Design: A Planning Guide

Receive an overview of the 10-step playground planning process—from connecting community members to planning, designing, promoting and funding—to develop an inclusive playspace.

Maintaining Safe Play Environments

This Learning Academy session highlights the primary causes of playground injuries and will discuss the responsibilities owners, as well as manufacturers, have for providing and maintaining safe playgrounds.

Nature-Inspired Playground Design

The Nature-Inspired Playground Design continuing education session explores the benefits of creating playgrounds that encourage children and families to reconnect with nature.

Trends in Play Space Design

This session examines playground trends that create kid magnets, facilitate multi-generational interaction and signature playgrounds that tell a community story.

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200 LEVEL COURSES: Continuing Education Seminars

All Ages, All Abilities, All the Time

Discover how the principles of universal design can contribute to social equity, and receive examples of how to create spaces that encourage health and wellness for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Design Excellence in Play

This session examines global trends and their impacts on designing impactful playground environments. Discussions also focus on the opportunity for collaboration between designers and park planners.

Evidence-Based Landscape and Playground Design

Hear how a study, completed by the STAR Center in Denver, Colo., evaluated the outcomes of outdoor play by children, therapists and families experiencing the play space as a natural setting for rich, multi-sensory occupational therapy interactions.

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Additional Opportunities

Landscape Structures Play Tour

This educational session includes a tour of our manufacturing facilities during which you’ll see processes in action and learn how manufacturing improvements have created more environmentally preferable products.

Lunch & Learns

If you are not in need of continuing education seminars for credits, we have general lunch-n-learn presentations available. Contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant to get more details and schedule a session at a time and location convenient to you.

Products presented during the session may be proprietary to Landscape Structures

Landscape Structures has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Learning Academy presenters are representing Landscape Structures. Landscape Structures is a LA CES™-approved provider.

Landscape Structures has been approved as an Authorized Provider by both IACET and LA CES™.

To learn more check out the Continuing Education Seminars and the Landscape Structures website or contact you local General Recreation, Inc. Sales Consultant.

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