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Since 1973, Gen Rec Has Been the First Choice for Modern, New Playground Equipment in the First State

When it comes to the equipment our children play on, we don’t cut corners. General Recreation Inc. provides only top-rated playground equipment that’s been designed and tested for safety. Our playset systems are built not only to be long-lasting and durable, they’re also made to exceed minimum standards for safety, assuring carefree fun for kids of a wide range of ages and peace-of-mind for their parents and caretakers.

Safety comes first, of course, but fun is where Gen Rec gets the job done. We work with towns, counties, cities, municipalities, neighborhoods and communities to create a customized commercial playground equipment installation that focus on providing an uncommon level of stimulating, energy-inducing, universally accessible fun that kids simply aren’t going to find outside of their local playground.

General Recreation Inc. of Delaware has the key to making the playground of their dreams a reality.

What Do Kids Want Installed at a Playground?

With a Half-Century in the Playground Industry, We’ve Learned Something

Here’s a conjecture we regard as immutable fact, even if stated in the form of a self-redundant tautology: Children are children. From generation to generation and neighborhood to neighborhood, kids will be kids, and kids like to play. It’s in their little human nature.

So it’s in our best interests, as parents and caretakers and civic leaders here in Delaware, to ensure our neighborhoods’ children have a place to play, to exercise and socialize and make friendships that last (for them) a lifetime.

That said, we resolve that there ought to be a playground accessible to all children of all Delaware communities – and that’s why the work General Recreation does is so important.

When we custom-design a new playground in coordination with the municipality, we take a multitude of factors into account:

  • Kids want to explore. Our playground equipment has tunnels and other exciting portal-like passages to encourage exploration and hide-and-seek.
  • Kids want to climb. We offer sturdy monkey bars and rope elements to safely train any young aspiring climber to get off the ground.
  • Kids want to go fast. With ramps, slides, swings and swing sets galore, General Recreation playground equipment is replete with opportunities to pick up speed – with a minimum of risk.
  • Parents want to relax and feel at ease. Because Gen Rec uses only the highest quality materials in our commercial playground equipment (and even those picnic tables you sit at!), you can be assured your kids are playing on the latest and greatest.

What Sorts of Commercial Playground Equipment Does Gen Rec Offer?

Select from a Huge Variety of Playground Options

It’s a feast for the eyes. Check out the Products page here on our website. The dazzling colors and light of those images and graphics are a fairly good demonstration of the kinds of sensory-provoking stimuli that really get the human brain’s juices going, especially in young humans.

In addition to Playground Equipment and Aquatic Playground Equipment, General Recreation Inc. offers a wide assortment of site furnishings, park benches, picnic tables, and other elements which support an environment of play for children and comfort for adults.

Plus, General Recreation installs athletic standards including soccer goals and basketball hoops, and outdoor fitness equipment to support the true exercise hound.

The Premier Playground Equipment in Delaware, Designed & Installed

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From concept to installation, General Recreation Inc. is with you every step along the line to deliver quality. To succeed in the commercial playground industry for as long as we have, our people have to know their stuff . . . and they do.

Your Delaware playground equipment sales representative offers much more than splendid response time, excellent customer service, and innovative playground design delivered on time and within budgetary constraints. General Recreation offers genuinely comprehensive design/build commercial playground services, making sure you’re covered from initial mock-up to final build-out.

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For Customized Playgrounds, We’re Your First Call in the First State

Commercial playground equipment comes in many shapes and sizes – and, it must be said, standards of quality. It really pays to go with a reputable commercial playground equipment provider who’s been building Delaware playgrounds since 1973.

Excellent customer service is just part of why we’re the No. 1 choice in the First State for commercial playground equipment. There’s also more to it than our stupendous selection of playsets and play equipment, all modern and accessible to all users.

The reason why General Recreation Inc. is tops in the First State for world-class playground equipment designed and installed is because we see every job through, from concept to completion. When you work with Gen Rec, you benefit from the full measure of our redoubtable expertise in Delaware playground equipment installation.

So contact General Recreation of Delaware at 800-726-4793 or send us a message through this website. Let our organization focus its efforts on creating a reality in line with your vision for a new playground.

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