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DuMor, Inc. is an industry leader and proud U.S. manufacturer of quality site furnishings from Pennsylvania. For over 30 years, DuMor has produced a full line of site furnishings including benches, receptacles, tables, and planters along with numerous other outdoor furnishing products. DuMor backs their products with the strongest warranty in the industry and remains committed to providing excellent quality and exceptional customer service.

We represent DuMor in all of New Jersey, Delaware and the PA counties or Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia.


Stylish, traditional, modern, classic, park and every other style of bench you could imagine. Fabricated from steel, aluminum, wood and recycled plastic.



Trash, recycling and combination receptacles. Choose from a variety of styles and materials. Various style lids for any application are available.



Whether you require picnic tables, classy seating tables or game tables; we have of styles and a variety of mounting options.



Planters for every environment, we can match a style to your other site furnishings. Self watering planters are available also.


Bike Racks

Bike racks for any location. Individual loops to multiple gang bike racks. we got it covered.



Permanently mounted steel grills for your picnic areas and large group grills.



Bollard covers and permanent bollards, we have several options available in almost any color.


Curved Benches

We have a host of standard steel strap curved benches to choose from. No need for custom work here!


Ash Urns

Keep your outdoor smoking areas clean with these stylish ash urns.



Chairs for public seating and dining areas are a great feature. Durable and ready to serve.


Custom Plaques

Quality custom dedication plaques permanently installed on you benches, receptacles and planters.


Custom Capabilities

DuMor specializes in custom fabrication for those special items you need to make your environment unique.


DuMor Options

PowdercoatColor Choices

dumor site furnishings powdercoat colors

Wood and Recycled Plastic Options

dumor wood and plastic options

DuMor Support Options

dumor site furnishings support options

DuMor’s Superior Coating Method

DuMor Powdercoating method






DuMor’s state-of-the art Super Durable Powdercoating Process includes a zinc rich epoxy primer, making it the most durable and protective coating available. There are three key elements which are essential to achieving and attractive, durable finish: proper and thorough preparation, proper application of powder, and proper curing of the coating.

All metal components offered by DuMor are:
1. Blasted to white metal
2. Processed through an 8-stage wash system
3. Coated with zinc-rich epoxy primer
4. Finished with a top coat of TGIC-polyester powder
5. Oven cured for approximately 20 minutes

Dumor’s Product Design with the Environment in Mind

Dumor’s Commitment to Sustainability

DuMor recognizes the importance of using recycled material in our entire product line. This reduces solid waste volumes in landfills, helps conserve natural resources and limits the environmental impacts resulting from the extraction of virgin materials.

Pre- and Post-consumer Recycled Content

DuMor utilizes pre- and post-consumer recycled material in all of our products. Pre-consumer material is material diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process. Post-consumer material contains waste material generated by households or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in their role as end-users of the product, which can no longer be used for its intended purpose.  Used milk jugs and old railroad tracks are examples of post-consumer materials used in our products.

Eco-friendly Material Composition

Our DuMor site furnishing product line is composed of three primary materials: steel, recycled plastic and sustainably-harvested wood, all of which possess eco-friendly attributes.

Steel-The majority of steel in our products contains over 80 percent recycled material, most of which is post-consumer. Our primary supplier of steel utilizes the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology, which takes advantage of post-consumer scrap material for major feed stock, unlike blast furnace operations which use mined iron ore as major feed stock.

Recycled Plastic-Many of our products feature the PolyTuf Plastic Lumber product. PolyTuf is manufactured using 100%recycled milk jugs (post-consumer high density polyethylene). We also donate our scrap plastic to the manufacturing of new PolyTuf product, further reducing waste stream volumes.

Sustainably-Harvested Wood-We make it a priority to purchase only sustainably-harvested wood derived from stringently-regulated timber source locations, including: California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

Compatibility with LEED® Rating System

Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the world’s most well-recognized and sought-after green building rating system, created and administered by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Achieving LEED certification is contingent upon earning credits, which provide guidelines for the design and construction of high performance, durable, healthful, affordable and environmentally-sound buildings.

Many of DuMor site furnishing products could help design teams earn LEED credits.

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