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proshield color options

Typical with Landscape Structures’ industrial playground equipment products across the board, the difference is in the details. ProShield finish is a smart combination of beauty and brawn: so tough, it substantially increases the durability of LSI products.

ProShieldColors What it’s made of: ProShield is a combination of a specially formulated zinc rich epoxy primer with a high-quality, architectural-grade super-durable powdercoat topcoat.

What you’ll notice: A vibrant, long-lasting color and glossier finish requiring less maintenance. Enhanced longevity, greater protection against harsh UV rays, prevention from corrosion and chipping. Overall improved product performance. This makes a huge difference years down the road. When other playground equipment paints are looking old, fading and chalky, Landscape Structures ProShield finish will be looking like new. See more about ProShield finish color choices

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