GaGa Ball Pits

Choose from a variety of sizes depending on your budget and the number of players.  These kits are easy to assemble and install.  Portable or permanent mounting options make our GaGa Ball Pits a great choice for any outdoor facility.  The durable design and ridged wall construction will never splinter or decay.

GaGa Ball Pits

A great way to provide a fun physical activity for children of all athletic skill levels with our GaGa Ball Pits. Made from durable materials to withstand the elements outdoors.

Portable GaGa Ball Pits

The portable GaGa Ball Pit 2 Go is a portable version. Light weight, easy to assemble and break down and store. Great for indoor activity.

Fun, Physical Activity For All

GaGa Ball Has Many Going “GaGa” for Children’s Health and Play

In a time when our country is facing a childhood obesity crisis, care givers need to continuously find ways to keep children physically active. Many schools and camps are looking for fun activities that keep children of all ages and abilities moving. The game’s growing popularity is due to its universal ability to be used in physical education classes, during recess, in after-school programs, or as a camp activity!

One of the main advantages of GaGa Ball is that all children, regardless of their athletic skill level, have the ability to participate. Traditional sports such as soccer, baseball, football or basketball are more difficult for young children because they need to develop skills before they can become effective players. Children may lose confidence when they can’t compete in these activities, and they often decide not to continue playing. GaGa Ball is a game that incorporates the skills necessary for sports success and athletic development, but is conducted in a fun and easy way that all can enjoy. GaGa Ball levels out the playing field and the most athletic children do not win every game enabling every child the chance to win!

GaGa Ball provides a fun way to develop skills that can be applied to other gaga ball pitssports. It incorporates agility, dodging, jumping and striking. This provides great exercise, as players must continually move to avoid being hit by the ball. The game effectively levels the playing field because no one is guaranteed to win every time. Strategy, luck, finesse and even teamwork are important components to GaGa Ball. This allows children, who struggle in more traditional sports, to excel at GaGa Ball; while promoting physical activity. Learn more about our Gaga Pits and pricing at

The GaGa Game

Although GaGa has become very poular amoung US camps and school playgrounds in recent years, GaGa is not a new game. It has also been known as Israeli dodgeball or Octo-ball. It is believed that Israeli camp counselors introduced GaGa Ball to US Jewish camps in the early 1970’s. The game is similar to dodgeball. It is played within a confined “pit” usually made of of a series of straight walls in the shape of a hexagon, octagon or larger multi-sided shape. The game starts by one person bouncing the ball into the pit while the group shouts “Ga” and then another “Ga” on the second bounce. The ball is then in play andavailable for any player to hit. The object is to eliminate the opponents by striking the ball and having it hit the opposition below theknees. Once a player is “out” they must exit the GaGa pit. The walls of the pit may be used to bounce the ball at an angle at an unsuspecting opponent. Players try to avoid being knocked out of the game, while trying to eliminate others. If the ball leaves the pit, the last player to touch the ball is eliminated. There are variations to the rules for this playground game from location to location. The great thing about GaGa is that everyone gets engaged, the games turn over quickly and eliminated players are returned to the game quickly. It involves agility, dodging, jumping, striking and strategy.

GaGa Ball vs Physical Inactivity

Currently in the US, over 90% of all children do not have a physical education class every day. GaGa Ball makes great use of such limited time for physical activity, keeping all students moving for the duration of the class. Since GaGa Ball can involve as many as up to 25 children at one time and the games roll over quickly, even those eliminated early, quickly get back into the next game. GaGa Ball can be the perfect game that involves all of the children of varying abilities and keeps them moving for the entire duration of the class!

GaGa Ball Benefits Review:

  • Develops multiple physical skills and abilities.
  • Available for children in Elementary through Middle School.
  • Fast-paced, high energy game with quick turn-over to keep everyone active and involved.
  • Easy to learn and anyone can win!
gaga ball pits

How are the Outdoor GaGa Ball Pits Made?

Constructed of 4” wide UV stable polyethylene timbers and powdercoated steel stanchions for durability.

The 28” high walls are low enough for easy entry and exit during play and tall enough for good ball containment to keep the game moving.

The stanchions can be permanently mounted or left free standing, to allow players to change the pit shape or so that it can be pushed aside when not in use.

Easy to assemble and install.

portable GaGa Ball Pit

How are the Portable GaGa Ball Pits Made?

Constructed of 30″ high x 48″ long, light weight recycled plastic interlocking panels.

No Hardware required

Patent Pending

Portable, Each Panel Weighs 12 Lbs.

Easy to Assemble and Tear Down

Panels Nest for Easy Storage

Stores in 30″ x 48″ x 25″ High Area

Made in the USA

Outdoor GaGa Ball Pit Sizes and Capacity:

15’ Diameter, 12 each 4′ long sections: 8-12 Children

20’ Diameter, 16 each 4′ long sections: 20-25 Children

26′ Diameter, 20 each 4′ long section: 30+ Children

Portable Gaga Ball Pit Size and Capacity:

20′ Diameter Only, 20 – 25 Children

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GaGa Ball Pits Play Surfacing Requirements:

The surface within the ring or “pit” should be as smooth as possible. Concrete or asphalt is recommended for the fastest and maintenance free results; but other surfaces will work too. Grass or dirt will work, but there will be some maintenance involved and when it gets wet, it becomes a mud pit. Another alternative is stone dust or screenings. Woodchips or other safe surfaces on the outside of the pit may be used to break any falls when participants go over the wall once eliminated from the game.

GaGa Ball Game Rules

1. Designate a referee (non-player) a teacher, supervisor or councilor is best. The referee is the sole authority during play and is responsible for ensuring fair play and settling disputes.

2. The referee begins play only after all players are standing in the gaga court and have indicated that they are ready to start the game.

3. One player tosses the ball up in the air. Players yell “Ga” on the first bounce and “Ga” again on the second bounce, and the ball is then in play.

4. Players hit the ball with their hands only, and may not carry or throw the ball – it must be punched with open hand or fist.

5. Any player who is touched by the ball, either directly or by a rebound off the wall, is “out” and then must exit pit.

6. If the ball contacts a player or a player’s clothing below the waist, that player is “out” and needs to exit the playing area. If the ball contacts the player above the waist, the player is still in.

7. If the ball goes out of the GaGa pit, the last player to touch the ball is eliminated.

8. If a player catches the ball before it bounces, the player who had the last contact with the ball is eliminated.

9. Once the player hits the ball, he or she must wait until the ball touches someone else before hitting it again (no double touches).

10. If there are only two players remaining, a player may hit the ball up to 3 times in a row. The ball is “rejuvenated” by contact with the wall, and the hit count resets.

11. Some GaGa games are designed to be team efforts, although the sport is traditionally a one-against-all competition. Teaming, or intentional passing of the ball to other players, is allowed only at the discretion of the referee and must be specified in advance of play.

Like any playground game there are plenty of variations of the rules.  You can certainly make your own house rules! Have fun and be creative!

Note: GaGa Ball Pit Hardware Kits are Patent Pending.

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