Gen Rec announces powerful tool: Build Our Playground

build our playground

Build Our Playground is released!

In an effort to partner further with potential customers and provide unmatched added value for our clients, we have developed a website tool that can be utilized by their communities to increase project visibility, to build community involvement, and to raise funding online.

General Recreation’s “Build Our Playground” tool is perfect for school, community, or religious groups, or any other volunteer group in the early stages of developing their playground project.

Inform the local community. By having your playground project information available in one central location, including photos, documents, news, web links, calendar of events, project goals, drawings, plans, and major stake holders, website visitors can learn about the project.

Increase community involvement. While the website is a central place to tell your project story, visitors will be able to share and spread the information with built-in social networking features like Facebook and Twitter. Also, visitors will have the opportunity to learn how they can help with and participate in the project.

Raise money. The website communicates financial goals, complete with a fundraising thermometer that displays the current raised funds. Visitors can easily view who is donating and make donations, too.

Accepting donations online is a viable, inexpensive and easy way to increase your fundraising efforts. Even if visitors do not donate online, they will learn about other ways to participate that will benefit the project.

The website can be used as a marketing vehicle for corporate sponsors as well, acknowledging their participation, and displaying their logos and web links to their businesses.

We also will provide sample letters that can be sent to community members informing them of the project and encouraging them to view the website, donate or simply learn more about your project plans.

Build your playground. By informing visitors about different ways they can help, you will be able to gather volunteers to assist with various aspects of your project. Maybe you are looking for additional volunteers for a particular playground fundraising event or looking for people that can actually help you build the playground; either way, the website provides another way for those interested to respond and volunteer their time.

With simple and easy-to-use online administration tools, your group will be able to keep all information regarding the project up to date. This powerful website tool has the ability to grow and evolve quickly. As more people visit the website, the more their friends, family and other community members learn about it as well.

To learn more about this exciting program, contact General Recreation at 1 800-726-4793 or

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