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Inclusive Playgrounds Website Launch

We have just launched a new website devoted entirely to assisting communities plan, design and build inclusive playgrounds. Learn about inclusive play products and how they may create experiences that assist with child development. Our Inclusive Playgrounds Philosophy Landscape Structures and General Recreation, Inc, together, create inclusive play areas featuring activities that are age and developmentally  appropriate, sensory
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New Spinners Offer a Twist on Fun

These two new spinners from Landscape Structures offer a new twist on some old favorites.  With the Chill™ Spinners and the Curva™ Spinners there is plenty of fun to add to any playground. The Stainless Steel versions offer a real difference in durability and modern design. Choose these new spinners as a great complimentary pieces
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New Rhapsody Instruments Introduced

Landscape Structures introduced several new outdoor musical Rhapsody Instruments for public spaces. These new additions round out and already broad array of instruments available. The Rhapsody Vibra Chimes These large chimes provide the lowest, most resonant notes of the Rhapsody® collection. Eight Vibra™chimes, each with their own mallet, play eight different notes to make up
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New Crab Trap Offers a Unique Climbing Structure

Conquer the Crab Trap™ This unique Crab Trap climbing structure accommodates lots of kids all at once, offering an assortment of opportunities to climb, crawl and hang out. Attack the Crab Trap from the inside or the outside, the options are endless. Kids decide how to maneuver from one challenge to the next, for unstructured
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The New We-Go-Round, Everyone Plays Together

Landscape Structures’ new We-Go-Round offers inclusive play and spinning for everyone. This patent pending next-generation merry-go-round offers plenty of space for more kids of all abilities. Strategic seating location areas leave ample space for wheelchairs,

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