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Playground Slide Safety

A recent article from “The Well Column” in the New York Times gained lots of attention from parents, grandparents and caregivers. The article, “A Surprising Risk for Toddlers on Playground Slides,” discussed the instances of toddlers and young children with broken legs as a result of riding down a playground slide on a caregiver’s lap.

“The Backyard” Success: Where Collaboration Meets Opportunity

Our eyes must be opened to see a world that often fails to accommodate the disabled,” says Chris Kaag, Founder and Executive Director of the Wyomissing-based IM ABLE Foundation. IM ABLE promotes physical and mental activities and funds adaptive equipment grants for children with disabilities. Chris believes that playgrounds should be places where children can have the childhood he enjoyed before a degenerative nerve condition robbed him of his mobility in his early 20s. Fifteen years later, the former Marine credits his disability with opening his eyes to that world.

High School Students Build Playground for Mantua Township Elementary School

Twenty-one students from the Gloucester County Institute of Technology’s (GCIT) construction technology program worked diligently to assemble a new playground for the students at J. Mason Tomlin Elementary School (JMT) over two days in August.
According to Dan Roskiewich, welding instructor and construction trades coordinator at GCIT, the district requested the students’ expertise.

Bear Creek Intermediate School Builds Playground With Students’ Help

The 960 students at Bear Creek Intermediate School in Elizabethtown, PA, were faced with a big decision last school year: they had the opportunity to vote on two new playground concepts for their school.

Cape May Coast Guard Recruits Build Playground for Local School

Students that attend the Cape May City Elementary School arrived in September to find a brand new playground designed for the younger children.
More than 20 recruits and enlisted personnel from Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May arrived at the school August 22nd and 23rd to assemble newly purchased playground equipment.

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