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Have you ever considered using volunteers to construct a school or community playground? General Recreation provides free “community Build” services. A Community Built Playground is when a group of volunteers organize and install a commercial playground while creating a positive community project.

What do the new ADA regulations mean for playgrounds?

With the new ADA regulations taking effect this Thursday March 15th, 2012 you may have some questions about what that means for your playgrounds. The ADA guidelines have been in place since 1991. The new regulations now mean that the guidelines are law and can be enforced by the Department of Justice. If your playgrounds complied with these guidelines before, they will be compliant with the 2010 standards. Check out the following points from our internal experts:

The Zach Hinish Foundation Seeks To Provide Accessible Play Area For All Children

There is a new playground at C.W. Longer Elementary School in Hollidaysburg, PA. With lush green trees as its backdrop and located near a community recreation center among tennis courts, soccer and football fields and walking trails, this park is in no way ordinary.

Kids That Hit The Playground Do Better When They Hit The Books

A study from the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam recently published in The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine confirms that the more exercise a child gets, the more success he or she has in the classroom. It examined 14 cases—ten of which were evaluated using an observational methodology and four using methods of intervention.

Playground Slide Safety

A recent article from “The Well Column” in the New York Times gained lots of attention from parents, grandparents and caregivers. The article, “A Surprising Risk for Toddlers on Playground Slides,” discussed the instances of toddlers and young children with broken legs as a result of riding down a playground slide on a caregiver’s lap.

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