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Jake's Place Playground

General Recreation does a variety playground projects every year, but sometimes there is one that stands out. The Jake’s Place Playground was one of those projects that seperated itself from the other projects, simply beacuse it was bigger than a playground, or a new product.

Do you find it challenging to raise money, resources and find volunteer help for local school or community playground projects?

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General Recreation, Inc. has a solution to help you achieve these goals. Our NEW Website Fundraising Service can help bring your community dreams to life. The Fundraising Website Service is a free website for playground projects. The website is your vehicle for community members and sponsors to take part in your initiative to raise money, awareness, and volunteers. Your fundraising website will work in combination with anything else you decide to do. Simply sign up with General Recreation to design and build your project and you will gain access to our wonderful Fundraising Service.

Local Service is Better

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We at General Recreation care about the communities we have projects in. We work with local consultants that have experience in the area to deliver our solutions. Working with local consultants allows us to deliver a level of service that we just wouldn’t be able to deliver if we we’re dictating from some office, in some city, far away

Community Build Playgrounds – General Recreation Inc

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Have you ever considered using volunteers to construct a school or community playground? General Recreation provides free “community Build” services. A Community Built Playground is when a group of volunteers organize and install a commercial playground while creating a positive community project.

What do the new ADA regulations mean for playgrounds?

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With the new ADA regulations taking effect this Thursday March 15th, 2012 you may have some questions about what that means for your playgrounds. The ADA guidelines have been in place since 1991. The new regulations now mean that the guidelines are law and can be enforced by the Department of Justice. If your playgrounds complied with these guidelines before, they will be compliant with the 2010 standards. Check out the following points from our internal experts:

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