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Bear Creek Intermediate School Builds Playground With Students’ Help

Bear Creel Int playground

The 960 students at Bear Creek Intermediate School in Elizabethtown, PA, were faced with a big decision last school year: they had the opportunity to vote on two new playground concepts for their school.

Cape May Coast Guard Recruits Build Playground for Local School

cape may elem playground

Students that attend the Cape May City Elementary School arrived in September to find a brand new playground designed for the younger children.
More than 20 recruits and enlisted personnel from Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May arrived at the school August 22nd and 23rd to assemble newly purchased playground equipment.

GaGa Ball Pits: Go Ga-Ga for Children’s Health and Play

gaga ball pit

In a time when our country is facing a childhood obesity crisis, care givers need to continuously find ways to keep children physically active. Many schools and camps are looking for fun activities that keep children of all ages and abilities moving. The game’s growing popularity is due to its universal ability to be used in physical education classes, during recess, in after-school programs, or as a camp activity!

Product Spotlight: Freestyling Fun, Play Unscripted

school playground equipment

General Recreation, Inc. and Landscape Structures introduce “Freestyling Fun,” a design concept for new and existing customers that celebrates the power of unscripted play and improvisation.
Clients can now combine Landscape Structures’ popular PlayBooster® system along with the innovative play components of the EvosTM system, without the use of decks and enclosures, to create interesting and economical configurations.

Boyle Recreation Center’s Playground Renaissance in Philadelphia

boyle playground

The City of Philadelphia is in the midst of rehabilitating parks throughout their city. General Recreation has had the opportunity to be a part of these capital improvements as a recommended vendor.
Francesco Cerrai, Architectural Project Coordinator with the City of Philadelphia, worked with Andy Cush of General Recreation and landscape architect Nate Burns of Langan Engineering, on the Boyle Recreation Center playground, which opened on March 7.

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