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Shared vision for innovation drives memorial playground in Pilesgrove-Woodstown, New Jersey

Pilesgrove-Woodstown, New Jersey, is a small community with a big heart. In 2007, the community rallied together to build a playground in honor of John Vascek, Jr., a local young man who died in a motorcycle accident in 2004. “His family established the John Vascek, Jr. Memorial Foundation to keep his name alive, while donating to charitable causes. John loved children, so it was a perfect fit for the foundation to fund a new playground that would also be a memorial,” recalls Jamie Danner, treasurer of the Pilesgrove-Woodstown Recreation Commission’s board of directors.

The City of Pittsburgh’s aquatic playgrounds make a splash

Troy Hill and Beechview aren’t your ordinary playgrounds. And, they’re winning awards. They are part of the City of Pittsburgh’s master plan to replace old swimming pools with aquatic playgrounds. About six years ago, City Parks Director Duane Ashley began to research aquatic parks and presented the idea to the mayor.

“We were interested in developing new play areas that are fun and accessible, as well as safe and cost-effective. Aquatic playgrounds fit that bill. They’re growing in popularity around the country, and for good reason, ” says Ashley.

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