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Website Playground Fundraiser Service

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Are you tired of printing out hundreds of flyers to try to raise money? Is your community exhausted of door-to-door sales? Is your leadership team running out of ideas to raise capital? Does your school need that extra “boost” to purchase new playground equipment? A strong web presence is essential in today’s culture, to present

Fitness circuit playground a “win” for El Primer Paso

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As the El Primer Paso school family and supporters gathered, along with New York Jets players, to spread 20 tons of green and white loose-fill rubber mulch around their new play area, Susan O’Donnell reflected that this was a “long-time dream” for the school.

Hillside Slides: one unique solution

hillside slides for playgrounds

The hillside slide offers a fun, unique feature to space that often goes unused in parks. While all projects require attention to detail and effective communication, hill slides demand an up-close-and-personal relationship with topography and ongoing communication between playground consultant and customer. Here, Steve Hemler, a General Recreation sales consultant, provides his expertise on hill slides.

Gen Rec announces powerful tool: Build Our Playground

build our playground

In an effort to partner further with potential customers and provide unmatched added value for our clients, we have developed a website tool that can be utilized by their communities to increase project visibility, to build community involvement, and to raise funding online.

Honoring the past, celebrating the future: Anderson Farm Park

anderson farm park playground

Montgomery County’s Upper Providence Township in Oaks, P.A., is in the midst of implementing a four-year master plan to develop a world-class recreational area on the site of the original Anderson Farm.

“It hasn’t been a working farm for about 20 years and it’s a strong source of nostalgia in our community,” says Recreation Director Sue Barker.

Our extensive experience in the recreation industry assists us in designing, manufacturing and building premier playgrounds, pavillions, site furnishings and much more.