Inclusive Playgrounds Website Launch

inclusive playgrounds

We have just launched a new website devoted entirely to assisting communities plan, design and build inclusive playgrounds. Learn about inclusive play products and how they may create experiences that assist with child development.

Our Inclusive Playgrounds Philosophy

Landscape Structures and General Recreation, Inc, together, create inclusive play areas featuring activities that are age and developmentally  appropriate, sensory stimulating and universally designed. Our design philosophy is influenced by Universal Design, a theory of design that strives to make  environments more usable, safer and healthier for all.

Our collaborative process engages your stakeholders, interprets community needs and ultimately results in a  responsive design that reflects your vision. To this we apply our extensive experience with inclusive play, infused by  our ongoing research into empirical evidence-based best practices.

This process creates a strong foundation for inclusive playground design, incorporating scientific findings into the play experiences themselves as well as the overall design.

Universal Design

Universal design is a process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness, and  social participation.
— Center for  Inclusive Design  and Environmental Access (IDeA Center), University of Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning

Embrace Universal Design

It benefits everyone regardless of condition. Applying Universal Design does not mean that all the fun and risk of a park and playground are eliminated. Instead, it helps to create a place where all can play, learn and grow together.

Welcome All

The benefits of inclusive playgrounds are far-reaching. They are also a welcome resource for parents with disabilities (wounded veterans, for example) and an aging caregiver population who want to interact  with the children in their care.

You’ll want to take a look at how accommodating your parking lots, restrooms and pathways are to  people of varying  abilities. That way, everyone can easily access your inclusive playground.

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