Innovative Playground Designs

innovation playground designs

Partnering to develop the most innovative playground designs

The Landscape Structures’ 2024 Play Book is here.

Expertly crafted playspaces serve as a unifying force, drawing people together. This is the motivation driving landscape architects and playground designers, who consistently conceive imaginative and enchanting realms tailored for children. This includes integrating elements of landscape play that offer diverse choices for a child’s subsequent actions, a fundamental tactic in enhancing the enjoyment of play. Additionally, these experts focus on pioneering playground designs that seamlessly merge with their environments or distinctly stand out from their surroundings.

Deliberate and innovative playground design has perpetually been at the core of our approach. Creativity serves as our realm, allowing us to delve into concepts that elevate the “wow” element and ignite inspiration among children. Exploring ideas that enhance the enchantment is our way of engaging in play.

View the virtual publication and request a copy of the 2024 PLAY Book

To us, innovative playground designs can only function in service to play. It’s a perspective that continues to influence our entire industry. And it’s why we are recognized for building the best playgrounds in the world. And why we appreciate partnering with landscape architects and communities to keep stretching design, and play. Contact General Recreation, Inc. to get started on your next playground design, and view all of the unique designs of the 2024 PLAY Book in the video below.

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