Introducing Volo, the Latest Innovation in Play

picture of Volo by Landscape Structures

Introducing Volo, the latest innovation in play structures from Landscape Structures, designed to elevate the playground experience for all children.

Volo stands out with its innovative design, incorporating the groundbreaking LSI Flexx™ material—a steel-reinforced cable netting that enhances connectivity throughout the play area. This feature ensures that children of various abilities can enjoy a wide array of play experiences, with seamless access across all Volo levels.

The structure is thoughtfully designed with an inner ring that focuses on inclusive, engaging activities, and an outer ring that challenges children with a continuous cycle of climbing and sliding adventures. Volo is not just about physical activity; it also engages children’s cognitive skills through integrated seek-and-find games, scientific explorations, and decision-making exercises. It caters to all preferences, whether kids enjoy the exhilaration of heights or prefer play closer to the ground, allowing them to customize their play in a dynamic environment.

Ideal for children aged 5 to 12, Volo is packed with features to maximize the play experience:

  • Full connectivity across activities, thanks to the LSI Flexx steel-reinforced cable netting, provides a versatile playground for climbing, rolling, bouncing, or simply relaxing.
  • Two Crux Climbers offer varied climbing experiences both inside and outside the structure.
  • The Wave Belt Climber presents a fun challenge, whether ascending or descending.
  • Thrilling exits include the Alpine® Slide and Double Wave Slide, ensuring an exciting descent every time.
  • The structure accommodates numerous entry points and multiple layers of play, making it suitable for a large group of children.
  • Its compact design requires less space and surfacing material, making it a perfect fit for smaller areas.
  • Customization options include a selection of ProShield®, Permalene®, polyethylene, and cable colors.
  • The structure can be installed via direct bury or surface mounting, featuring sturdy steel posts.
  • The design is currently pending U.S. Patent approval and is fully ADA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all children.

    Volo by Landscape Structures not only provides a playground but a versatile space where children can explore, learn, and grow through play, all within a safe and inclusive environment.


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