Local Service is Better

local service is better photo

We at General Recreation care about the communities we have projects in. We work with local consultants that have experience in the area to deliver our solutions. Working with local consultants allows us to deliver a level of service that we just wouldn’t be able to deliver if we we’re dictating from some office, in some city, far away.

A play structure is more than just pieces of equipment, connected together haphazardly. We see it as a focal point for your community, a meeting place, a hang-out place, a relaxation place, a public place, hopefully a favorite place. How could we trust such a space to someone whose never been there, and seen what it is, and what it could be?

General Recreation sees the bigger picture, and local service is a big part of it. Recently, General Recreation’s own Gerald Hitch was able to work with Cheraw State Park Play Naturally at Cheraw State Park to replace an old, decrepit structure with a new, state-of-the-art, commercial grade playground equipment. Gerald worked with Mark at Cheraw to deliver the best possible solution that accounted for the actual needs of the space. Once again, local service combined with excellent products delivers a thrilling space.

General Recreation cares about the locales of these play spaces, beyond just the physical dimensions or the money involved. We hope you’ll consider us for your next play space project!

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