Mulch Madness Sale: Save 20%

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Mulch Madness Sale

Mulch Madness Sale: Save 20% off MSRP until April 30th, 2018.

Take advantage of our Mulch Madness Sale on the top brand names of Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF), the most economical and popular playground safety surface option that meets all the qualities and standards you need in a playground surfacing. Purchase EWF now before the season is in full swing and SAVE! Order NOW before April 30th and take delivery anytime in 2018!

Engineered for Safety, Accessibility, Easy Maintenance and thumb_IPEMA_2075thumb_IPEMA_1292Greater Value.

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Why WoodCarpet®?

WoodCarpet® is a cost-effective engineered wood fiber known for its ability to absorb high impacts, as well as excellent slip resistance and accessibility. Three different WoodCarpet® systems are available for a wide range of protective surface needs.

Each playground has unique characteristics such as terrain, environment, equipment and usage. Natural, durable and affordable, WoodCarpet® is designed to provide many benefits:

  • Provides the right amount of cushioning for the most intense of play, including running, jumping and tumbling, as well as those unfortunate trips and falls that can’t be avoided but can be serious if the ground is covered with a reliable resilient surface.
  • When installed correctly, WoodCarpet® safety surfacing allows for excellent water drainage. This makes it an excellent playground surface in all types of climates and locations, without having to worry about water pooling and saturation. Including drainage under and around the material is the key.
  • Little maintenance is required with WoodCarpet®  products. They are meant to be installed and enjoyed, and give years of trouble-free service.  Some basic raking and topping off wil be required over time, but our customers enjoy problem free use of engineered wood fiber surfacing.
  • WoodCarpet®  has been engineered to be not only resilient, but also attractive. The natural wood fiber looks great with change in color over time, and provides a harmonious appearance for any setting.
  • Our wood fiber playground surface is easy to install and offers great value. Because it is durable, it saves you money over the long term.  WoodCarpet® provides a15 year warranty when installed and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Don’t put it off, order NOW (at least before April 30th, 2018) for delivery anytime in 2018 to receive the Mulch Madness Sale pricing.  Call us at 800-726-4793.

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