Netplex is the NEXT BIG THING in play


NetPlex from Landscape Structures allows kids to venture beyond their expected boundaries, into a maze of flexible platforms and climbing webs where there’s no designated way to play. They can fabricate their own play paths through a complex of multiple net levels. They will climb to the top, swing from cable to cable, rest or socialize on one of the flexible landings, or climb to the next exciting event. Connect all kinds of fun play components like spinning events, overhead challenges, climbers, slides, and connecting bridges to make sure kids get a variety of challenging experiences as well as healthy development. NetPlex helps kids develop their confidence and their core muscles. LSI_Netplex_14_post_320

LSI_Netplex_clamp_480 NetPlex can be configured within the PlayBooster® playsystem: choose between a 7-post or a 14-post main structure (with optional Vibe® roofs) and 2 different central climbers and can connect to compatible and popular PlayBooster® components.

-Patent-pending clamping system allows unique cable angles
-Constructed with durable and vandal resistant steel-reinforced cables
-The Rubber belting material is latex free
-Each mainstructure includes decorative post-toppers, unless you chose to add Vibe® roofs
-8’ critical fall height meets all the safety standards


LSI_Netplex_photo_2_480 LSI_nexplex_climber_480LSI_netplex_photo_480

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