New Crab Trap Offers a Unique Climbing Structure

crab trap

Conquer the Crab Trap™

This unique Crab Trap climbing structure accommodates lots of kids all at once, offering an assortment of opportunities to climb, crawl and hang out. Attack the Crab Trap from the inside or the outside, the options are endless. Kids decide how to maneuver from one challenge to the next, for unstructured play experiences that excite creativity and critical decision-making.

A variety of aesthetically pleasing materials provides visual and tactile interest as well as novel climbing adventures, including a patent- pending braided belt. With endless climbing and a variety of materials and experiences, the Crab Trap offers plenty of climbing fun for the 5 to 12 age group. Add this statement piece to your playground and watch kids reach exciting new heights in play.

Critical Measurements:
Minimum area required: 33’0″ x 36’6″
Maximum fall height: 118″

Features of the Crab Trap:
• ADA compliant unique climber for 5-12 year olds
• Direct bury
• Choose ProShield® colors for beams and components and one color for polyethylene components

The Crab Trap is also available in HDG. A Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel frame offers enhanced corrosion resistance for coastal environments and a cool, modern look.

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