New Global Motion, Inclusive Play and More

global motion playground equipment

Climbing, turning and teamwork all at the same time.Landscape Structures logo

Landscape Structures new Global Motion™ brings it all together. This unique freestanding rotating climber offers plenty of fun activities; climbing, turning, gathering, socializing and running; while requiring a team effort to keep it all spinning.

Children of all abilities enjoy this energetic ride.  You’ll appreciate its progressive resistance mechanism (patent pending), our proprietary technology that keeps Global Motion at a fun yet controllable speed.  It’s another way that Landscape Structures continues to lead with innovative commercial playgrounds.


  • Two levels of climbing fun. Both on the outside and on the outside
  • Tendertuff-coated bars protect hands from temperature extremes while providing ease of access.
  • Two openings on the bottom allow children to easily enter and exit.
  • The height of the lower deck is appropriate for wheelchair transfer; offering inclusive fun.
  • With room to ride both inside and out, Global Motion can hold a whole bunch of children all at once.
  • Multiple levels give kids a place to rest, talk and strategize their next moves.

global motion transfer

The inclusive Global Motion rotating climber invites and entire group to climb aboard and go for an orbital ride.  Kids can take turns climbing multiple nets, socializing on two levels and pushing. In fact, you’ll find kids enjoy pushing as much as riding.

Global Motion encourages lively activity without worry.  The built in progressive resistance mechanism provides a rousing ride, but always maintains a reasonable maximum speed so that all the focus can be on the fun!

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