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Few pieces of equipment can have the tangible, material, observable impact on the social development and overall lives of kids than a fully accessible playset.

The developing mind just has to explore. Tunnels and slides, swing sets and climbing ropes and trampolines, all in a large variety of stimulating colors and textures for their curious senses. There’s no limit to the imagination of children at play, so outdoor playground equipment in New Jersey townships and cities should always encourage every child’s development – from social interaction to motor skills.

That’s what General Recreation Inc. has done for New Jersey playground equipment since 1973.

Contact your New Jersey playground equipment representative at 800-726-4793 for a FREE consultation on commercial playground equipment in the Garden State.

The Design Team Behind the Most Fun Playgrounds in NJ

Rely on General Recreation of New Jersey to Customize Your Next Playground

Safety comes first, obviously, but fun is really important too!

When you’re looking for a design/build company in New Jersey to handle a playground project from the day it’s designed to the day it’s installed, you need General Recreation Inc. We work with each client to ensure the final product is exactly what you want – because every playground equipment installation is part of our legacy, so we work hard to get it right.

It helps to have such an amazing plethora of modern, contemporary, fully accessible, safety-conscious, totally fun playset equipment to choose from – makes the design process a little easier. (Check out the Products page of our website to see more about each playground system.)

Whether it’s new basketball hoops at a city park in Menlo Park NJ or a new playset in a school in Atlantic City NJ, General Recreation is the go-to company for commercial playground equipment in New Jersey.

There’s More in Store for the Whole Family

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So you’re in NJ and you want to shop for outdoor playground equipment. You’re clearly our kind of people.

As a leader in the playground industry, General Recreation Inc. has been succeeding in the dream business since the early ’70s. Styles have changed since then, but children really haven’t – they still just wanna have fun.

Check out our large variety of commercial playground equipment:

  • Aquatics
  • Site Furnishings
  • Safety Surfacing
  • Outdoor Music Play
  • Outdoor Athletic Standards (soccer goals, basketball hoops)
  • and more!

Gen Rec supplies the state-of-the-art commercial playground equipment – from swing sets to trampolines, climbing ropes to basketball hoops – that New Jersey children have always loved and always will.

Who in NJ Buys Playground Equipment from General Recreation Inc?

Who’s Purchasing Trampolines & Swing Sets, Anyway?

You might be surprised at who decides to buy new high-quality commercial playground equipment for use by children:

  • Private companies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Municipalities from Newark to Camden to Atlantic City

The fact is, everyone has a vested interest in helping each child realize their potential, not just in terms of motor skills but in their capacity to work within a social organization and identify a strong sense of self.

Such benefits last with a child long after they put away childish things and lose focus with the conventional concept of “play.” General Recreation Inc. is committed to making sure every child derives the most fun possible with every visit to one of our playgrounds.

Custom Choice, Highest Quality & Post-Installation Support in NJ

Why Has New Jersey Made General Recreation the Local Company for Playground Equipment?

From concept to completion, General Recreation Inc. is working directly with you on your playground or playset project, every step of the way. In fact, from the first time you contact your local New Jersey playground equipment representative here at Gen Rec, we promise absolute focus on and dedication to your project, making sure it features all the top-quality amenities it’s supposed to, and it functions as it should when everything’s installed.

But there’s more to working with General Recreation than that. Additionally, it’s about excellent customer service. When you’re in the playground industry, excellent customer service is a must – for a very simple and good reason: The safety of children is at stake.

Whether we’re planning a playground equipment installation in Cherry Hill NJ, or putting in a public playset for kids in Atlantic City NJ, or installing an array of safety-minded trampolines (yes, there are such trampolines, when used as they should) in Central Jersey . . . General Recreation puts our experience to work, giving the children of Jersey a genuinely top-quality place to play and have fun.

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