New Rhapsody Instruments Introduced

Rhahpsody Instruments Vibra Chimes

Landscape Structures introduced several new outdoor musical instruments for public spaces. These new Rhapsody additions round out and already broad array of instruments available.

The Rhapsody Vibra Chimes
These large chimes provide the lowest, most resonant notes of the Rhapsody® collection. Eight Vibra™chimes, each with their own mallet, play eight different notes to make up a major diatonic scale. An excellent addition to playgrounds, parks, schools, museums and more. Buy the full set, or a smaller group depending on budget or space available.

The Cascata™ Bells
The bells offer ten bells of different tones for auditory and visual pleasure. Slide the mallet along all of the bells for a fun musical experience, just play one at a time with the attached mallet.

The Tongue Drum
The Tongue Drum includes six different notes. Musicians of all abilities and all ages can experience striking different portions of the drum to create different sounds or play a tune.

The Tongue Drum Junior
The Tongue Drum Junior is positioned at a lower height, so younger children can easily play the different notes. No musical experience is needed to play melodic tunes and offers another enjoyable option for the youngest players.

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Rhapsody Musical Instruments

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