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smart play centre

Smart Play Centre: Three separately themed play houses for 2-5 year olds allow you to create a dynamic learning and playing experience.

Utilize one, two or all three play houses. Any combination of these structures can be link with a series of elevated crawl tunnels to create a Smart Play Centre.

The Loft: As young children grow, they become ready for the Loft. Handrails lead them up the steps and into a world of imaginary play. With a built-in find-it game, language prompts and learning activities connected to early childhood curriculum goals, lower level clubhouse and so much more, you’ll find plenty of interactive elements to engage developing minds and bodies.

The Fire Station: Kids can take control at the wheel, pat Sparky the friendly fire dog or slide on down to their next adventure. They’ll enjoy lots of activities that teach young ones about fire safety and helping others, including an object find game, plenty of bells and gears, and a fun mirror that shows them how they’d look in uniform.

The Market Cafe: This farmers market and cafe lets little ones take turns placing meal orders, dining with friends and learning about yummy food choices while describing their meal. Among lots of activities, kids can make pictures in the image panel, bing-bong the apple bell and develop language skills by naming fruits and vegetables in the stand.

What Exactly Is the “Smart Play” Design Philosophy?

Smart Play® playstructures pack a lot of activities into compact structures, taking kids from early crawling exploration on up to active climbing and social play to a challenging course for older children. This line helps span several critical periods of childhood development, making it ideal for childcare, early learning centers, neighborhood playgrounds and school playgrounds.

With guidance from the National Head Start Association and Too Small to Fail, we have created a range of developmentally appropriate activities for several of the Smart Play playstructures, including literacy prompts designed to engage children and adults in language-rich conversations.

The epitome of smart design, each Smart Play playstructure makes the most efficient use of materials to create a large number of activities. For example, cut-outs from panels are used to create activity components found elsewhere on the playstructure. Now that puts the smart back into play!

And the compact size of these structures requires less space and surfacing materials than typical playgrounds, resulting in a lower total investment. Which means Smart Play playstructures are ideal for tight spaces and tight budgets, too.

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