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community build supervisor Summary of Our Community Build Services

General Recreation, Inc.

• General Recreation provides guidance throughout the entire process. With our vast experience, we will provide direction through the assembly and erection of your new playground equipment. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to create a working plan that will address each portion of the project.

• Site layout assistance of the post holes is provided by General Recreation. We take control of this critical stage so that everything is placed properly and safety zones are maintained.

• General Recreation will assure that your community build playground meets all current ASTM standards and CPSC guidelines upon completion. We will inspect the installation as it is installed and will return after all components are completed to inspect the facility to be sure that all safety requirements are met and that the installation meets the manufacturers’ requirements.

• General Recreation is available for inspection of the play area whenever there are concerns or issues. There is no charge for this service.CommBuildC_screen_280

• If you would prefer that some aspects of the construction be provided by a professional installer, those services are available for an additional charge.

• Our team will supervise the entire process of the build and will only leave the job when the playground equipment has been completely assembled and the concrete has been poured. There may be other aspects of the build, such as spreading or raking mulch, which do not require our direct supervision.

Landscape Structures, Inc.
• Landscape Structures provides a complete community build binder to their potential clients. This binder is packed full of information and even includes volunteer sign-up sheets, fundraising ideas and outlines the entire community build process. You will find this binder very helpful in getting organized and planning the event.

• Landscape Structures provides a Community Build package with each playground which is to be constructed by volunteers. The package which is shipped with the play equipment includes:CommBuildD_screen280
1. Extra tool bits used to connect hardware
2. Hardware belts (similar to nail pouches)
3. Bolt measuring rules (so volunteers can identify different sized hardware)
4. Extra sets of installation instructions
5. A spool of red ribbon for use at your grand opening event
6. A banner to hang during the build that welcomes the volunteers
7. A quantity of ratchet attachment tools, so that volunteers may insert them onto their own 3/8 ratchets and can fasten any of the tramper proof hardware
8. Easily identifiable hardware bags. Separate bags (with a diagram of what they are to attach) are provided for each play component. This reduces or eliminates the sorting of hardware on site.

Landscape Structures-other things to consider

• Landscape Structures carries product liability insurance and the facility owner may be listed as a certificate holder. This is important for clients that are concerned about the risk associated with building public play spaces. Also, LSI has an optional low cost medical insurance program for the workers on-site during the build.

• All Landscape Structures playground equipment will meet current safety standards and guidelines. LSI equipment is certified by IPEMA, an independent 3rd party testing agency, to assure that the equipment is designed according to current safety criteria. This fact may reduce insurance costs for the facility owner.

• The skills required by volunteers to build a Landscape Structures playground are minimal. Moms and Dads, teenagers and many other inexperienced laborers have build hundreds of LSI Community Build playgrounds under the supervision of General Recreation. There is no field cutting required and minimal measuring is required by volunteers. Just follow the step by step instructions and diagrams and the instruction of your on-site supervisors.

• Landscape Structures will provide a complete maintenance kit with each system. Within the kit are inspection forms and other tools to develop a regular maintenance routine for your facility. Maintenance is one of the most important factors in a long equipment life and positive experience for all users.

• The complete delivery will arrive all together, palletized, well packaged and shrink wrapped….ready for installation.

• All Hardware is stainless steel and all materials are proven to withstand the elements.

• All Landscape Structures products come with an outstanding warranty.

o 100 year warranty on all aluminum posts, caps, clamps and all stainless steel fasteners.
o 15 year warranty on all plastic and steel components, HDPE (Permalene), plastics, TenderTuff coating, Decks, TuffTurf tiles and TuffTimbers.
o 10 year warranty on all CoolTopper structural steel frames. Mobius climbers structural frames, and concrete products .
o 8 year warranty on all CoolTopper Shade fabric and Aeronet climbers and climbing cables.
o 3 year warranty on all other parts such as CableCore material, Mobius climber handholds, and moving parts.

• Landscape Structures is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and ISO 14001: 2004 certified.

We are so passionate about the community build process and how it can enhance playground projects and communities, that we have created a complete website dedicated only to community build playgrounds

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