Design Services

Unique Conceptual Design Services

Rather than fitting our client (or their users) into a design, we take a different approach.  After consultation with our clients, we are able create unique designs specifically for each project. Our manufacturers’ design services, in conjunction with our experienced outside sales team, create plans and drawings for each individual project. We will gather valuable information about your vision, intended users, budget, equipment wish list, site considerations and more to create a design. Upon completing a preliminary design and considering client feedback, we revise the conceptual designs as needed and create scaled drawings and 3D renderings.  We take a partnership approach to creating an incredible recreational facility design.

Inclusive Designs

While most play areas will need to meet the current ADA requirements, we have the ability to create more inclusive designs that far exceed the minimum standards. Creating all-inclusive play areas has become more popular in recent years and our team has been at the forefront of many of those designs locally. We have unique equipment available through Landscape Structures which is able to provide numerous multi-user inclusive play events which offer swinging, sliding, rocking, spinning, musical play, aquatic play and imaginative play experiences. Double wide ramps, large decks for turning space, unique play events that offer various sensory experiences and innovative design are also important considerations in any inclusive play area design. We can also provide a variety of independent inclusive play pieces to compliment the overall design and allow all children to play together. Learn much more about our inclusive playground offerings at

Dreams to Reality

Typically, from our first client meeting are able to create a conceptual design and then further refine the design as the budget becomes more clear, all issues are addressed, the equipment wish list is prioritized and final costs are discussed. Once the design is finalized and construction begins, we are able to guide (or provide) the installation and see the project through to completion.  This approach has enabled us to assist our clients in having their project goals and dreams to become reality as a finished project. Below is an actual rendering we provided a client followed by an actual photo taken after the installation was complete.

A Typical Conceptual Rendering From Our Design Services

playground rendering design services
Harriett Wetherill Park, Plymouth Township, PA

The Final Completed Project Photo

completed playground design services
Harriett Wetherill Park, Plymouth Township, PA

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