Whether you are going to tackle construction on your own, use volunteer labor, or hire a professional installer; we are here to assist you.  All of our field sales consultants are experienced with all types of installation issues. We will provide guidance in any form the project requires.  If you prefer to utilize a professional installer, we have a select group of installers we work with to  insure proper installation and customer satisfaction.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers are all insured and well versed on the latest safety standards and guidelines. Don’t allow just any low bidder for construction services to install your facility. The installation is critical and you should expect the best quality construction available. You can rely on us to provide the best construction services and only the highest quality workmanship.

Beyond the facility design and equipment layout plan, we also provide turnkey services for many of the products we offer. Installation may include removal of existing equipment, excavation, grading, site work, installation of the equipment/pavilion/site furnishings, provide and install safety surfacing.

Our experience and construction knowledge and expertise is an important component throughout the design process as well as during construction. We can provide any portion of the construction or simply manage the entire construction process, leaving you without others to contact. We will support you with construction services to whichever level you desire. We can tailor our construction services around our clients’ needs.playground installation

Some typical steps or components in the construction process may include:

  • Site evaluation
  • Removal of existing equipment and surfacing
  • Excavation, grading and other site work
  • Drainage considerations, stone, fabric
  • Sub-base preparation for safety surfacing
  • Boarders or other surfacing containment
  • Accepting deliveries of materials/unloading trucks
  • Installation of new equipment/pavilion/site furnishings
  • Installation of safety surfacing

Installation via Community Builds

For those clients that want to involve the local community and save money on installation costs, we offer a complete Community Build service. We have developed a website completely devoted to Community Build Playgrounds.


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