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From Swing Sets To Safety Surfacing, Gen Rec Installs It All

Since 1973, there’s been one company for top quality playground equipment in New Jersey: General Recreation Inc.

For nearly 50 years, Gen Rec has been at the forefront of custom design/build residential and commercial playground equipment. We provide superior play equipment to NJ cities, counties, municipalities, private companies and families, and we’ll design and install a fantastic, totally fun play area for any park or backyard in New Jersey.

Making the Yard More Fun for the Whole Family

Kids Into Swing Sets? How About Curvy Slides? We Got Play Equipment Everyone Likes

One of the tremendous advantages of working with General Recreation Inc. on the custom design and installation of new playsets is that we have something awesome in store for every person in the family.

Whether you’re looking for a simple playset that the little tikes can tread upon, or something a bit more sophisticated and complex for older kids to explore, General Recreation has the best selection of playsets in New Jersey.

But wait, there’s more in store – for children and for kids of any age! Check out our website for amazing photos of General Recreation-installed playsets in action!

Play Your Way – We Install the Playsets Children Want

Search the Gen Rec Website for Innovative Playset Ideas

When you call General Recreation for your free consultation with a local playset-design expert, you’ll get someone who’s trained to listen – the most essential aspect of providing excellent customer service.

The first thing we do is hear what your going for – the wishes, parameters, and constraints that are imposed upon your playset project. Then we get to work in the design and layout phase of our services, working directly with the client to create a customized play area that caters to the particular needs of the kids who’ll be using it.

Once designed, ensuring a sound installation of all playground equipment is absolutely key. Every swing set, slide, rope wall, and fake rock pile is precisely installed to maximize attractiveness and play-ability.

After installation, playsets are continually inspected and maintained, so that parents and caretakers can enjoy total peace-of-mind when letting their kids play on them.

Experienced site planning, professional installation of state-of-the-art playset equipment, and regular upkeep services. It’s all part of General Recreation’s comprehensive suite of playground equipment services in New Jersey.

Committed to the Best, Safest, Most Fun Play Equipment Available in NJ

We Work Hard So the Kids of New Jersey Can Play & Have Fun – Safely

General Recreation specializes in the custom design and installation of top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art play equipment – and always with an eye (or two) toward safety. Whether it’s an installation of a complex play structure or an old-fashioned playset favorite like a wooden swing set, Gen Rec is ever-mindful of protecting our kids while they play.

That’s why all our playsets and site furnishings are equipped with factory-tested safety surfacing – a standard feature on all playground equipment we install – covering both the ground and the equipment itself.

Inquire about playground equipment safety features with your General Recreation sales consultant here in NJ. See how we put the well-being of children first and foremost.

NJ’s Trusted, Tested Playground Equipment Installation

Got a Great Site for a Kids’ Play Area in Cherry Hill, New Jersey? Get Gen Rec!

If you own or control a property in Cherry Hill that you just know would make a fantastic playground for kids – if only a playset were installed! – then you need to know about General Recreation Inc.

From backyard playgrounds with a swing set and a slide, to full commercial playground equipment with freestanding play components and all the accessory site furnishings, Gen Rec is the one company to work with in New Jersey.

Our unmatched depth of experience, the ability to purchase superior playground equipment, and the most excellent customer service in the play equipment industry make General Recreation the choice for playset installation services.

Let’s Play! Equipment Selected, Planned & Installed in Cherry Hill NJ

In Southern New Jersey, Contact Gen Rec Today at 800-726-4793

Let’s start planning the choice, design, and layout of the playground equipment that’ll make the kids’ playset that’ll make for plenty of laughter and lots of lifelong memories.

Contact General Recreation Inc. at 1-800-726-4793, or locate your local sales consultant by visiting our website,

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