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There’s nothing more important to kids of all ages than the chance to have a little fun – or a lot. Luckily, fun is exactly the business General Recreation is in. In fact, we’ve had our focus on fun here in Pennsylvania ever since 1973.

After 50-some years of playground design, we’ve learned a thing or two about fun . . . and while playground equipment has certainly evolved over the decades, kids remain the same: They just want a play space they can call their own – a play space built just for them.

That’s what General Recreation’s residential, school, municipal, and commercial playground installation services offer throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Safe, modern, amenity-rich play systems constructed of the highest-quality materials, designed to be inclusive and accessible and welcoming . . . and bring communities together.

So, in Pennsylvania, give General Recreation a call at 1-800-726-4793. Let’s create a new play area for the children of your community that’ll keep ’em playing and having fun for many, many years to come.

For Safety, For Fun: Rely on Gen Rec for Unique Playground Design

Offering Best-In-Class Site Amenities, Equipment & Features

To call our municipal and commercial playground equipment “state-of-the-art” would be a drastic understatement. Simply put, the commercial playground equipment we install for communities and schools throughout Pennsylvania is world-class. No company is more innovative than Gen Rec at creating and developing a truly great place for children to play in comfort and safety.

Just check out the impressive list of industry-leading playground equipment and complementary site amenities we offer on every play area we create and install:

  • Commercial Playground Equipment (swing sets, ball pits, spinners, merry-go-rounds)
  • Innovative Play Systems (slides, tubes, climbers, freestanding play systems)
  • Site Amenities (picnic tables, park benches, lounge chairs, drinking fountains, bleachers, outdoor furnishings, bicycle parking racks)
  • Athletic Equipment (basketball goals, soccer goals, outdoor games, fitness equipment)
  • Specialized Playground Equipment (outdoor musical equipment, aquatic playground equipment, dog park equipment)

General Recreation, Inc., is an official Playground Consultant for Landscape Structures®, the leading manufacturer of residential, municipal, school, and commercial playground structures.

Total Playground Design & Installation Services

From Concept To Completion, We Help Create Amazing Municipal & Commercial Playgrounds Accessible To All Users

As the premier designer of play systems in Pennsylvania, playground equipment is what General Recreation does best – and we do it all.

A new play area begins with ideas . . . your ideas. Whichever play elements matter most, whatever you want the focus of the playground to be, Gen Rec will make it happen. We work with you every step of the way to bring the play space you imagine to real life.

It starts with site evaluation. We visit the site – whether it’s at a school, in a public park, or on the property of a private home here in PA – to closely examine the lay of the land and determine what types of commercial playground equipment are best suited for it.

Then we work with you on a distinctive, eye-catching playground design. No two play systems are alike, nor should they be. Every playground in PA designed by General Recreation is a unique creation in every sense of the phrase. Our team of expert playground-equipment consultants works with you to design a play area that truly stands out. Choosing from an impressive lineup of colorful, attractive, accessible, easy-to-use play systems that complement the surrounding site and provide an uncommon level of fun, General Recreation’s playground designers can put a dazzling array of features into a relatively small space.

Then comes playground installation – where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. We install commercial playground equipment in such a way that very little maintenance is required, and safety always comes first. Our installation services include elements like rubber mulch and vinyl glass safety-surfacing, along with innovative new equipment such as play towers and smart-play centers, plus old favorites like swing sets, slides, and rope climbs.

Furthermore, we make sure that necessary maintenance is kept to a minimum – due to the superior quality and durability of our commercial playground equipment.

Brand new playgrounds for children, built with safety, accessibility, and uniqueness in mind. It’s how we turn ordinary ground into a great place for every child in Pennsylvania to grow, learn, socialize, and have tons of fun.

Commercial Playground Installation Services Throughout Pennsylvania

We Serve the Keystone State With the Best Play Systems in PA

Why do schools have playgrounds? Because learning how to play is part of being a kid!

Kids are born with an intrinsic sense of play. Even without fancy play systems, kids come up with their own games – a sense of organization combined with the kind of whimsy that adults could use more of.

That’s why playgrounds matter. With the right installation and regular maintenance, a playground is a great place for children to focus on their interests, come in contact with others, and develop physical and social skills that’ll serve them well the rest of their lives. A playground is truly an investment in our kids’ futures.

When all the elements of a professionally designed and installed playground come together, you know you’re creating something magical that appeals to every child.

Let’s Create Something Special for Every Child To Enjoy

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Get your free consultation on the best play systems in PA. Give us a call at 1-800-726-4793, or send us a message on Facebook (/GeneralRecreation) or Twitter (@Gen_Rec).

Whether you’re in charge of a municipal park, school yard, or commercial playground and are looking to install a low-maintenance playground on your property, your best bet is with Gen Rec of PA. For an example of our work in action, check out the Projects page of our website.

So go with General Recreation, Inc., for the most spectacular, customized, affordable playground equipment available in Pennsylvania. When it comes to the best playgrounds for the children of PA, we deliver quality every time.

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