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Landscape Structures Playground Equipment logoLandscape Structures, the premier provider of innovative playground equipment, is committed to creating inspiring play experiences for children while honoring the environment. From personalized playground designs to completely custom designed playgrounds, we offer commercial playground equipment that is artful, safe and, most of all, made for years of fun.

The PlayBooster® Play Structures (5-12 year olds)

The original post-and-clamp system, combines exciting ground-level components with the full variety of play events and activities for kids ages 5 to 12. These structures are built to insure minimal maintenance while offering a truly modular design system that allows for easily adding phases over time.

The Evos™ Play Structures (5-12 year olds)

The Evos™ play system is unique in that there are no prescribed entry or exit points. While offering a 30 percent reduction in carbon footprint, the system is also fully accessible with the proper surfacing. Evos is attracting kids ages 5 to 12+ with its unique appearance and challenging play experiences.

Weevos™ Play Structures (2-5 year olds)

The patent-pending Weevos™ play system is designed to meet the unique physical, cognitive, sensory/motor, emotional/social and language needs of 2 to 5 year olds. Its intriguing playground slides, climbers and more capture preschoolers’ imaginations as they explore, learn and make new friends. Best of all, Weevos is designed to grow with kids, making it easy for them to graduate to the Evos™ play system when the time is right.

PlayShaper® Play Structures (6-23 months , 2-5 year olds)

Let curious young minds go exploring on a safe and durable PlayShaper® play structure. Scaled to size for preschoolers (designed for 6 to 23 months or 2 to 5 year olds), these play systems invite youngsters to develop their physical skills while learning the social skills needed for community life. Flush-fit engineering keeps clothing, fingers and toes from getting caught in small crevices. Clear sightlines allow supervisors to keep an eye on the action.

Smart Play® Playground Structures (6-23 months, 2-5, 5-12 year olds)

Smart Play not only provides smart design to help create smart kids, but it’s manufactured with a smart use of materials. Plus the whimsical, modern designs and affordable prices make these attractive additions to your playground. Smart Play® Motion, Smart Play® Cube, Smart Play® Nook, and Smart Play® Loft are scaled just right for developing toddlers and pre-schoolers, these accessible  playstructures pack a lot of activity into their compact size. The Smart Play® Venti® has 20 activities for school-age children and configured to maximize your budget.

PlaySense® Play Structures (2-5, 5-12 year olds)

PlaySense® playgrounds are perfect when you are looking for more giggles per dollar. These affordable playgrounds serve kids ages 2 to 5 and ages 5 to 12, so everyone is happy, and every child can have an affordable playground to call their own. PlaySense playground equipment includes popular play events like playground slides, climbers, playground enclosures and more. With 25 pre-configured playground models to choose from, there is a playground design for every site and every budget.

Freestanding Play Components (2-12 year olds)

Freestanding Play Events add fun and excitement to new and existing playgrounds! Whether you want to revitalize your current playground or create a playground design that’s completely unique, Freestanding Play for ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12 fit the bill! Landscape Structures offers a variety of unique play events as well as swings, slides, climbers, spinners, spring riders, natural climbers, sensory play features, and more.


New Products

Product innovation and uniquely durable products are the hallmarks of the Landscape Structures brand. Every year Landscape Structures introduces new product concepts and ideas which enhance the product line and provide unique play opportunities for all. Here we introduce the Alpha Link™ Towers,  The Friendship Swing, Smart Play Centre, 8′ Climbers, Facet Forms™, Fitcore™ Extreme and DigiRiders™.


Inclusive Playgrounds

Landscape Structures has been the market leader and innovator in creating inclusive playground components.  They offer a variety of multi-user, inclusive play events which include the SwayFun swaying group bench, the WeSaw™, the Oodle® Swing which allows multiple children swinging together, the OmniSpin Spinner for group spinning and a number of other events that offer a multitude of sensory experiences.

Inclusive Play Structures

Play should be available for all, regardless of ability. We can design a more inclusive playground experience by incorporating ramps, double wide ramps, large decks for turning and passing, ground level activities, the SwayFun, accessible reach panels, sensory activities and much more.  Let us help you create a design that eliminates barriers to play for all children.

Inclusive Freestanding Play Events

Landscape Structures- Committed to Inclusive play with The OnmiSpin Spinner™, WeSaw™, Cozy Dome®, Sensory Play Center®, ZipKrooz™ Assisted, Global Motion™, Rhapsody™ Outdoor Musical Instruments and Oodle® Swing are just a few examples of multi-user inclusive freestanding play events available from Landscape Structures.



Custom  Playgrounds

Custom designed playgrounds are an excellent way to provide a truly unique experience for children.  Set your community or school apart by providing themed or custom designed play features. Landscape Structures has a full team of designers ready to assist you to make your playground one of a kind. Some themes we have assisted to create are farm themes, castle themes, historical themes, cultural themes, emergency vehicle themes. If you can dream it, we can design and build it.

Custom Themed Playground Equipment

Fantasy, whimsical, historical, farm, urban, sports….no matter the theme desired, Landscape Structures can design, fabricate and build playground equipment in any theme, genre or concept. We are only limited by your imagination.

Custom Play Events

Imagine a new play event that doesn’t exist in any catalog you have ever seen. We can design and build it utilizing over 40 years of experience, top quality materials and processes, and innovative approach to design and a desire to meet every client’s or child’s needs.


Nature Inspired Play

The great outdoors is the number one spot where kids can play naturally–making up their own games while freely exploring the world around them. Our nature-inspired playground collection is a natural fit when it comes to planning outdoor play spaces, combining the adventure and wonder of nature with the durability, safety and low maintenance of high-quality play equipment. Natural themed play structure components and independent play components are available to enhance any playground.

Nature Inspired Play for 5-12 Year Olds

AdventureScapes®, The Canyon Collection®, The Discovery Tree Climb™ and a number of other play events encourage children’s natural climbing inclination while providing an exciting element of “natural” challenge. Children will enjoy these fun and realistic play events and explore and find the critters and fossils hidden within each piece.

Nature Inspired Play for 2-5 Year Olds

The Peak™, Stepper™ Rock climber, Mushroom Steppers, Log Steppers and other naturalistic play events can enhance any 2-5 year old’s play experience. As PlayShaper® modular components and freestanding play components, these events can easily be added to create a more “natural” playground for any location.



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