Athletic Standards

park playground equipment

With a host of suppliers, we are able to provide the best options for all of your outdoor athletic standards. We have everything from basketball backstops, football goal posts; baseball backstops to any sports goals, bases and other everyday athletic standards.

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Outdoor Bleachers

aluminum bleachers

We represent companies that manufacture smaller portable aluminum bleachers and larger seating systems including aisles, ADA wheelchair seating, ramps, stairs etc. We can also provide expert recommendations based on your specific needs and building and safety codes.

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Solar Charging Stations

solar charging stations for park

While portable solar charging panels are commercially available, they are not widely available to the general public. With our Sun Charge Systems partnership, General Recreation can install solar powered charging stations in parks, playgrounds and pavilions, to meet the demands of modern, mobile life and encourage longer visits to recreational areas.

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GaGa Ball Pits

gaga ball pits

GaGa Ball has become a popular game for schools, camps, youth activity centers that keeps kids engaged and moving. All kids can play and complete in this fun and fast moving game. The quick turnover and fast action gets everyone involved.

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Dog Park Equipment

dog playground equipment

The mission at Dog-On-It-Parks is to help communities become more pet friendly by providing solutions for dog parks, off-leash areas and everywhere else dogs are welcome. We provide dog park equipment for public municipal park, private facilities, multi-family communities, military posts, RV resorts, campgrounds, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics.

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Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

outdoor ping pong table
Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Outdoor ping pong combines the benefits of casual, fun and active recreation , the features of an activated outdoor place (people and activity).  Adding such social activities to public spaces can be called place making. The POPP ICON Table The ICON Table weighs 695 lbs., welded and secure-bolted outdoor ping pong
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