Do you find it challenging to raise money, resources and find volunteer help for local school or community playground projects?

playground fundraising

General Recreation, Inc., leading playground equipment company, has a solution to help you achieve these goals. Our NEW Website Fundraising Service can help bring your community playground dreams to life. The Fundraising Website Service is a free website for playground projects. The website is your vehicle for community members and sponsors to take part in your initiative to raise money, awareness, and volunteers. Your fundraising website will work in combination with anything else you decide to do. Simply sign up with General Recreation to design and build your project and you will gain access to our wonderful Fundraising Service.

The Fundraising website can:
*Engage people within your area to donate & volunteer for the betterment of the community
*Use the website as a marketing vehicle for corporate sponsors
*Allow people to take part in improving their community
*Leverage the power of the internet

A Fundraising Website can inform the local community by having a central location to tell your project story, have photos of the existing area, as well as drawings and plans for the project; website visitors will be able to understand all aspects and goals of the project. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are built in, allowing information about the project’s goals and needs to be easily spread throughout the local community.

The Website Fundraising Tool also features clear financial goals complete with a fundraising thermometer that displays the current raised funds, visitors can easily make donations themselves. Accepting donations online is a viable, inexpensive and easy way to increase your fundraising efforts. Even if visitors do not donate online, they will learn of other fundraising events in which they can participate and benefit the project. The website can be used as a marketing vehicle for corporate sponsors as well, acknowledging their participation complete with their logos and web links to their businesses.

With a simple and easy to use online administration tools, your group will be able to keep all information regarding the project up to date. This powerful website tool has the ability to grow and evolve quickly. As more people visit the website the more their friends, family and other community members learn about it as well.

Learn more about our Fundraising Website at: Website Fundraising Service

Contact us today to get started using the Website Fundraising Tool.

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