Rhapsody Junior Instruments For 2-5 Year Olds

Rhapsody Junior

Rhapsody Junior

Landscape Structures released a new preschooler’s version of the popular Rhapsody instruments.  These Rhapsody Junior Outdoor Musical Instrument products will allow little ones the same great sound, but now the instruments are smaller and closer to the ground, at the correct height for this age group.  These can be a great addition to childcare centers, preschoolers, public parks or anywhere you can imagine tiny ones want in on the musical action.

What makes these instruments better than others on the market?
It is the materials. High quality materials make the rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments great sounding, beautiful looking and long-lasting.

Anodized Aluminum: Corrosion resistant and slightly textured, this material also creates rich and resounding musical tones.

ProShield Finish: A finish so tough, it substantially increases the durability of the products.

Rubber Mallets: Designed to optimize the sound of notes within their reach,

Recycled Permalene: Available in a vivid spectrum of colors and continues to look new year after year.

Polycarbonate Drum Skins: A professional finish produces quality sound, plus proven durability for continued musical fun.

Music is Joy

Joy that can be heard and felt, regardless if is is bold, subtle, composed or random. Outdoor musical Instruments offer a new way for early learners to be creative and express them selves both physically and emotionally.

Rhapsody Junior Musical Instruments invite preschoolers to join the band. The collection of chimes, metallophones and drums welcome youngsters to explore the power of rhythm, subtle shifts in tone and discover the many ways individual sounds can be creatively combined.

The joy of music making can be realized at any age. That is why Landscape Structures created two lines of Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments: one size for anyone age 5 and older and that are wheelchair accessible, and pint sized versions just right for the 2 to 5 year old age group.

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