New Playground? Equip It With The Best!

We gotta admit it: We really love playgrounds. We say this even though all the folks who run General Recreation Inc. – delivering state-of-the-art Elementary School Play Equipment, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, and the full lineup of Commercial and Community Outdoor Play Structures to parks, offices and homes throughout PA, NJ and DE – are full-fledged adults. But that doesn’t mean children get to have all the fun!

Hey, we get to design, plan, and install brand new play equipment every day. Our team chooses from various palettes of vibrant color options for a spectacular array of playground structures which provide a range of amazing health benefits – physical, mental, emotional and social – for any age group. We play with slides and merry-go-rounds, put in climbers and swing sets, put up balance beams, liven up the schoolyard and ignite the imagination of school children across the U.S. in a variety of unique ways…with the best playground equipment in the whole world! How could you not love doing that?

Since 1973, General Recreation has been your industry-leading experts the consultation, evaluation, planning and installation of high-quality playground equipment, products and components, taking care of school children’s biggest park equipment needs.

We believe that schools playground equipment must be safe, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing – and General Recreation provides customers with premier school play equipment solutions that the kids will love to use…almost as much as we’ll enjoy building it for them.

All School Work and No School Play Makes Kids Grouchy

There’s a reason every preschool and elementary school in the United States (and Canada, and probably also Japan and Estonia and Martinique and every country in the world where they place children in a school environment) has a school playground – outdoor equipment playground stuff like swing sets and jungle gyms. It’s because communities and school systems the world over recognize the vital importance of “play” in the social, physical and emotional development of children.

According to a scholarly paper published in 2007 by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, play – especially free play in the form of physical activity, if possible – is essential to every child because the social interaction, the physical activity, the cognitive development, the meeting of challenges, and the emotional enjoyment of life (i.e., having fun!) that play provides are absolutely indispensable for promoting healthy brain development and forging strong bonds with others.

A bunch of kids stuck in a school classroom for long stretches of time is a recipe for attention deficit, focus loss, performance decline, skills reduction, possibly even confidence issues and health problems. The message is that play grants school children a way to unleash their bridled energy, cut loose, have some fun…and just be kids!

A Playground is Part of the Education of Children

Sight counts as much as touch. At General Recreation Inc., it’s our foremost belief that schools ought to provide a playground that looks as fun as it is. Children of all ages have certain rights – and among these rights is the right to play at their schools with their peers…in a space made for them to play!

To achieve that priority goal, all of the elementary school playgrounds designed and installed by General Recreation are safe, well-designed, high-quality, attractive, and colorful. We offer the greatest selection, the most resources, and the strength of nearly 50 years in the Outdoors Recreation System and Physical Activity Equipment business.

Like teachers know, when it comes to educating schoolkids, everything does matter and you need all the help you can get. One of the best ways to positively affect the mind of a youth is to let them experience the pure joy of play.

Better Outdoor Fitness For Children’s Well-Being

Give children in elementary schools the chance to run around and play, the result will be tremendous. Kids with the ability to explore all parts of their nature – even hyperactive or special needs students – will come back in from the fresh air in a better mood and in a primed condition to learn.

That’s the miracle of physical activity. Educators in schools worldwide understand the difference in abilities between students with the opportunity to regularly access a playground, and those who – for reasons not their own fault – cannot. Much like the nourishment of a good breakfast, a young person can really get a boost in capacity just by having a bit of fun out on the playground.

For All Your Outdoors Site Amenities, Hire General Recreation

Like we said, a playground is all about fun – and there are plenty of different types of playgrounds to have fun on! Whatever activities you or your community wants to promote, wherever the location, General Recreation offers all categories of Outdoor Playground and Physical Activity Equipment for schools and parks – always at reasonable price terms:

  • Playground Equipment
  • Plastic & Rubber Safety Surfacing
  • Aquatic Playground (Water Park) Equipment
  • Musical Playground Equipment
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Dog Parks
  • Gaga Ball Pits
  • Hill-side Slides & Swings
  • Park Benches & Furnishings
  • Fabric Shade Structure
  • Pavilions
  • Gazebos
  • Recreation Centers
  • Athletic Field Light Standards
  • Stadium Bleachers
  • Outside Game Play (chess, checkers, etc.)
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Solar Power Charging Stations

Over the years General Recreation Inc. has installed a recreation center in Philadelphia, play areas in Pittsburgh, and a play area in Allentown. We designed and built Field of Dreams Playground in New Jersey, and Indian River Inlet Playground in Bethany Beach, Delaware. We’ve put in playgrounds with slides at a Montessori Academy in Lancaster, at a park in York, and at another park under the Ben Franklin Bridge in Camden. Wherever there are schools or parks with children who need to play, a state-of-the-art playground by General Recreation will be there for them.

The size of the menu of Outdoor Recreation Installations is long. Check out the photos on our Projects database page – those pics are representatives of the type of sports field equipment, commercial playsets, and playgrounds for schools that General Recreation has been installing for nearly five decades.

Best Prices On the Making of a Childhood Memory

General Recreation guarantees the utmost in quality materials, tools, and workmanship, but we also work within the budget established by the community, property manager, or schools superintendent. During the ordering process, ask the General Recreation sales staff about shipping fees and any ongoing playground sale.

For Safety and Fun at School, Connect With Gen Rec

Let’s start today, designing playground equipment for school that’ll turn recess into a time for learning as well as exercise! Call us at phone number 1-800-726-4793 or reach us on our website to discuss details about your planned project, ask questions and get a free quote.

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From concept through completion, General Recreation Inc. is your one-stop company for expert consultation, site evaluation, purchase, planning, design, installation, customer service, and maintenance of home playground equipment, school playgrounds equipment, group play environment, and community-build play systems. Shop the General Recreation catalog to order your next playground sets and additions – and take elementary school playground equipment to new levels.

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