Site Furnishings

At General Recreation we offer only the highest quality site furnishings from industry leading manufactures.  We proudly represent these quality products manufactured with the finest materials and processes, providing years of rugged service.  Products include benches, trash/recycling receptacles, tables, planters, grills, bollards and more.

DuMor, Inc. Site Furnishings

DuMor, Inc. is an industry leader and proud U.S. manufacturer of quality site furnishings. For more than 40 years, DuMor has produced a full line of site furnishings including benches, receptacles, tables, and planters along with numerous other outdoor furnishing products. DuMor backs their products with the strongest warranty in the industry and remains committed to providing excellent quality and exceptional customer service. DuMor’s standard product line has expanded to include over 65 bench designs, over 25 trash/recycling receptacle designs and more than 10 table designs. DuMor also produces ash urns, bollards, bike racks, grills, and planters.


Premier PolySteel

Commercial outdoor site furnishings are built to last! Premier PolySteel offers completely poly-vinyl coated outdoor furniture so that it has no exposed metal or open pipe, so it will never rust. Painted and powder coated finishes may chip and expose the metal beneath, which will eventually rust. Rust weakens products and turns steel; to a flaky powder, and before long the steel is compromised. Benches, tables, receptacles, planters, bike racks, grills, patio furniture and more: all Premier PolySteel products are built to last a lifetime and carry a best in the industry 20 year warranty. The best commercial outdoor furniture available. Period.


Site Amenities For Every Environment

Frog Furnishings by Jayhawk

Jayhawk Plastics Inc. has been manufacturing plastic and steel products and parts since 1973 and decided in 2013 to create a new brand name for our Outdoor Furniture division. We wanted to bring a brand to life that encompassed those things that matter most to our company. Frog Furnishings became the result of hard work and dedication by our marketing team to embody the fun energy we share at Jayhawk and our commitment to manufacturing quality plastic and steel site furnishings.


Landscape Structures Site Furnishings

As a market leading playground equipment manufacturer, Landscape Structures has numerous site furnishings available to match their playground equipment styles and colors. Choose from an assortment of bike racks, trash receptacles, benches, picnic tables, and realistic looking log benches and acorn seats. Their site furnishings are constructed of steel, plastisol coated steel, recycled plastic, HDPE (Permalene) and glass fiber reinforced concrete.


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